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General information about the site:
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The first thing I want to report - this site is based on the news feed from my Twitter account. I have long thought about how to indulge as many users as possible, and came to the conclusion that, I can't do it the easy way.

If you are a devoted fan of Facebook, then most likely, I will not be able to force you to use Twitter. And if you don't like Instagram, then maybe you like Pinterest. In any case, as you have already noticed, you will not be able to view the feed of the social network in which you do not have an account.

For my part, I want to say that I do not force you to start unnecessary accounts for you to view the feed of goods. For this, I created a website. On this site, broadcast feed products from Twitter, and in order to view this feed , you do not need an account from Twitter! But since this site is not quite standard, then below I will explain how to use it.

Site management:
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You can scroll the site with your finger or mouse wheel.
In the lower right corner of the site, there are quick scroll buttons "up" and "down".

By pressing the "down" button you will go directly to the end feed of goods.
To download a new feed of goods, click the oblong button "Load more Tweets".

During the existence of my (other) Twitter account, about 50,000 tweets have been made. Since, the Twitter feed is endless, I'm sure you not would like to upload all those 50,000 tweets at once =)
Doing so over and over again, you can view the site feed.

The behavior of the site:
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Clicking on the picture will lead to the fact that you go to Twitter - this is a feature of the implementation of my site. If you do not have a Twitter account, you will be prompted to create a new account. But fortunately, now to view Twitter in the browser, there is no need to create a new account. I leave it to you to decide.

As you can see, I am constantly improving the design of the site, and if you are interested in the product, you can click the link that a few days ago looked like this:

Now, the link to a specific goods separate and somewhat different:
In any case, if you  precisely click on the link, you will go directly to the product page on the web resource AliExpress. And about how to proceed, read the help section below.

"I clicked on the link, what should I do next?"
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Web resource AliExpress arranged much more convenient horrible and terrible Ebay. You will not be difficult to understand it. In addition, for the web resource, mobile applications have already been created, the price of the goods in which is lower than on the website. And if you have already installed these applications, and my site you are viewing from a mobile device, then click on the link on the site, You will go straight to your application.

So, click on the link and go to download the app for your mobile device:
Web site(not for mobile devices):

Android app:

iPAD app:

IOS app:

"Why should you buy on AliExpress and not, for example, on Etsy?"
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A typical example is the "angel's wings brooch":


I placed this brooch on PINTEREST not so long ago, and decided to look for a similar brooch on pinterest:


I found and going to the attached site, I saw:

I'm not against the development of small business, but I'm against brazen robbery, at least it's an insult. I don't like it when a simple customer is considered an idiot.

"I was left to few your questions to answer."
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If you do not have an account from Pinterest, but you want to know how it might look like, then look at one of my boards.

I am an authorized partner of Aliexpress and regularly purchased on this resource since 2012 and still never, I had no problems with the return of money in cases where the goods did not suit me - anyway.

I am in no way interfering with your seller commercial and contractual relationships. And that way, I don't cash in on the buyer.

Aliexpress itself encourages my activities, paying me 5 percent of the value of the goods purchased from the collection that I publish. I will not say that it brings a serious income, but I, among other things, it's just interesting.

This site and others, I develop independently, as, in the past, I am a database developer, and such activities, I'm still interested.

And once again I will emphasize "You do not have to have accounts from social networks in which you for your own reasons - do not want to be."
This site, I developed specifically for you, that you to be able to maintain your own anonymity from the total surveillance from social networks, but still be able to spy on social spy from the outside. =)

If you have any questions, you can find me here [email protected]