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Portable home mp3 / mp4 android player

Portable home mp3 / mp4 android player..

part 01
part 02

DIY-builders, those of them who are engaged in interesting audio crafts, usually embed simple Bluetooth audio modules, a pair of speakers in a certain case, and this is limited. But some go further.

The cheapening of Multimedia head units for cars, and suggests that some of them are just created in order to use them to build a dream Boombox, which just will not be anyone!  

The Multimedia head unit is usually an ordinary seven-inch tablet, which displays rear-view cameras, FM radio, internal sensor readings of the car, and such Multimedia Car Head units usually have their own firmware.

Modern Multimedia head unit have a universal Android (or a special version of WINDOWS SE) on Board, usually crossed with an audio amplifier, have WIFI, Bluetooth, and often GPS.

What else do you need to be happy?
Watch the video, the list of necessary spare parts from those that will have to be purchased one way or another is below

Android 2 Din Car Radio Multimedia Player  

radio components: