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Business Report: Biden aide rips Facebook for letting misinformation flourish

November 12, 2020 - Chinese consumers spend over $100B during shopping festival
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Biden aide rips Facebook for letting misinformation flourish
A Joe Biden campaign staffer tore into Facebook this week for letting misinformation and calls to violence flourish on the platform despite attempts to slow their spread. Bill Russo, a…
Chinese consumers spend over $100B during shopping festival
Chinese consumers spent over $100 billion during this year's Singles' Day shopping festival, signaling a rebound...
Hollywood gets back to work as film permits rise 24 percent
Hollywood is slowly returning to work after the pandemic devastated film and TV production this year....
Bill Maher, Anthony Scaramucci stand to cash in big on Mets sale
Investors who bailed out the Mets in the wake of the Bernie Madoff scandal are about...
Swiss to ban deducting bribes from taxes starting in 2022
Swiss companies will no longer be able to deduct bribes paid to private individuals from their...
Joe Biden taps tech executives for White House transition team
President-elect Joe Biden has tapped at least a dozen staffers at major tech companies to help...
Gamers claim their brand new Xboxes are belching plumes of smoke
Maybe Microsoft should have called it the Tinderbox instead. A day after the release of the...
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