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It's Monday. There are 57 days until the Georgia Senate run-offs and 71 days until the inauguration. Some big vaccine news that the Trumps are trying to steal credit for, Trump's government refuses to hand over the keys and Rudy and his gross friends are still pushing their bullshit.

Note: Hello! How are y'all today? Yeah, us too. Stuck in a weird limbo. And we don't mean one where you bend over front ways to get under the pole. We spent the weekend celebrating while also keeping one eye on the dirtbags who want to steal this thing from us. And we were pretty resentful of that. We are so fucking sick and tired of Trump that we want him to just go away so we can enjoy life again. And then it hit us — Trumpism is never going to go away and there's a good lesson here. Because if we've learned anything after 2008 and 2012, there is no such thing as permanent victories and we always have to keep one eye on the forces of racism and evil that aim to dominate this country and its people. We know that's a bummer because nobody wants to have to keep an eye on gross Rudy or deranged Don Jr. But that's the bad news. The good news is the people we're up against are dumber than dog shit. So while they are persistent and dangerous, they are also just really, really stupid. Like a Roomba with a machine gun on it that's always either running into walls or trying to fuck its cousin. Anyway, we hope you'll join us in this season of hopeful vigilance because, man, we can't take anything for granted anymore.

Note two: Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Man, they got Trebek. We are some old school Jeopardy! nerds around here, and we were just gutted yesterday to hear that the man had passed on. A hard year just keeps getting harder. What is RIP, sir? More: The Ringer, Buzzfeed News

Note three: Hey look! Rescue dogs are coming back to the White House and we don't mean Lindsey Graham. More: Buzzfeed News

Note four: This is what we mean when we say they're persistent but dumber than dog shit. More: Buzzfeed News

Note five: Be sure to check out this great piece on the political activism of NBA and WNBA players. They can finally go back to their White House when they win championships. Yay! More: Washington Post

Note six: Another crucial Margaret Sullivan column about the media and Trump. More: Washington Post

Note seven: Now this will put a smile on your face. We did a helluva lot more than just take back the White House last week. More: Associated Press

Note eight: It is so great seeing Stacey Abrams get the credit she deserves for turning Georgia around. More: AJC

Note nine: We're looking forward to a million stories about Trump losing privileges. More: Palm Beach Daily News

Note 10: Thank goodness these law and order types are revealing who they really are. More: NBC News

Note 11: Let's get to the news shall we? We're still figuring out what we're going to do with TBS going forward, but we'd like to keep it going. Hopefully there will be less to cuss about, but it's politics so we doubt that will be the case. This week, however, we are going to take Thursday and Friday off. We honestly might just sleep the whole time. It's been a helluva ride so far, and we don't want this part of it to end. Thank you for riding with us. We love y'all so much, and there's nobody we'd rather stand on this watchtower with than you. Have a fantastic Monday.


Pfizer announced this morning that its trial vaccine is 90 percent effective! That's great news. Pfizer said it will be free, but there are still some questions to be answered. The hilarious thing this morning was the Trump team all taking credit for this while Pfizer reps emphasized that they did not participate in Operation: Warp Speed. The good news comes at a rough time for America. Yesterday we became the first country to clock 10 million cases, and deaths are up around a thousand a day. Fortunately, Team Joe announced its COVID task force today and it's all scientists and doctors and zero blood relatives or Fox personalities. Help is coming. Just stay safe until it does. More: New York Times, NPR, Washington Post, Washington Post II


One woman at GSA, a Trumper of course, is refusing to do her goddamn job and hand over the keys to the transition. Administrator Emily Murphy is dragging her feet on acknowledging Biden as the winner, hamstringing his efforts to begin the transition. Until this Trump trash signs off, Team Joe doesn't get access to federal transition funds or access to federal agencies. It's the kind of classless me-first bullshit we've come to accept from these assholes. More: Politico, Washington Post

Oh Rudy

Just when you think this shit can't get more embarrassing, Rudy reaches deep in his pants and pulls out a new low. Yeah, remember that event between the crematorium and that dildo shop? One of Rudy's key witnesses is a registered sex offender. Literally nobody is surprised that this is who Rudy runs with. But it adds to the circus of denial we're seeing. Trump is planning to hold rallies and talk about dead people who voted. We won, but the fight isn't over. With these fucking assholes it never will be. More: Politico, Axios, Washington Post

Today's clips

Joe Biden has won the presidency. But the current president of the United States, Donald Trump, is attempting a coup in plain sight. "I WON THIS ELECTION, BY A LOT!" he tweeted on Saturday morning. This came after he demanded that states cease counting votes when the total began to turn against him, after his press secretary shocked Fox News anchors by arguing that legally cast votes should be thrown out.
More: Vox

Former President George W. Bush congratulated President-elect Joe Biden in a phone call Sunday and said that, while President Donald Trump has the right to pursue legal challenges and recounts, the 2020 race was "fundamentally fair" and "its outcome is clear."
More: CNN

This year aimed a bright light on the way elections are run in this country — and put unfathomable demands on the people who run them. When the coronavirus pandemic exploded in March, it was instantly apparent that their already complicated task would become immensely more difficult: maintaining rosters of poll workers, providing protective equipment, preparing for a historic burst of mail voting and then counting all the ballots.
More: Washington Post

Democrat Jon Ossoff challenged U.S. Sen. David Perdue to three live televised debates ahead of the Jan. 5 runoff, urging the Republican to "agree to give Georgians the debates they deserve" after he canceled one of their showdowns earlier this month.
More: AJC

Joe Biden won the presidency promising to bring Americans together. But now his administration is sure to come under pressure from some Democrats to risk exacerbating divisions by investigating and prosecuting Donald Trump.
More: Bloomberg

US stocks surged Monday, after Pfizer said its Covid-19 vaccine is 90% effective, and Joe Biden was projected to be the winner of the presidential election over the weekend.
More: CNN


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