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It's Tuesday. There are 56 days until the Georgia Senate run-offs and 70 days until the inauguration. Obamacare goes back to court, Barr and Mitch want to help Trump steal the election and Team Joe considers legal options as Trumpland refuses to acknowledge our win.

Note: Well shit. We thought we were done with the carnage. Us teens here on Elm Street have had a rough couple years. You see our parents really did the creepy school custodian wrong, so he took it upon himself to start murdering us while we slept. We came up with a plan to fight back in our dreams, and it worked! We killed the awful guy with the fucked up face and the razor claw. But apparently this asshole just won't die, so we woke up this morning still sweating and still worried. Oh wait. That's the plot to Nightmare on Elm Street, which is now apparently indistinguishable from a Monday in America. Yes, we took down the orange asshole who wrecked our country and killed 240,000 Americans, but damnit he just won't go away. The smart people in Washington seem torn between dismissing this as theater used to appease an idiot child and seeing this as a slow-moving coup. We're not sure what to think, but we do know Trump has proven for four years that he will do whatever he can get away with it. So yeah, we're worried. The good news is we already elected our champion. Maybe we can take a day off from sweating this nightmare because we got Joe to worry about it for us. Yeah right, that's just what Freddy Krueger wants us to think. Nice try, Krueger, but we're never going to sleep again.

Note two: Anybody got any extra thoughts and prayers for Ben Carson? No? Yeah, we're fresh out too. And we're completely out of fucks to give. Oh well. More: Washington Post

Note three: Whatever you do, don't call the law firm of Jones Day and let them know what anti-American scum you think they are… More: New York Times

Note four: Here's an example of the type of people Republicans are trying to disenfranchise. Seems like the press should talk about it more. More: News3LV

Note five: Git 'em, Whoopi… More: The Daily Beast

Note six: Sam wrote a piece for L.A. Magazine about how badly that city needs a party when the pandemic ends. It could apply to the whole world, but he lives in L.A. so he kept it local. More: Los Angeles Magazine

Note seven: Let us never forget what Facebook is doing during this trying time. It is a hotbed of misinformation about the election, and if there's a coup, that's where it got its strength. 

Note eight: Mike Pence is having lunch with Senate Republicans today and then going on vacation. So again, we have no idea how worried we're supposed to be. The lunch is suspicious, but how hard are you really fighting if you're heading for a Florida beach right after? Also, Pence sucks sheep taint.

Note nine: Thank you to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and other world leaders who have called to congratulate the president-elect. We're grateful you continue to have faith that we are still America, even if we're not totally sure 100 percent of the time.

Note 10: So we learned something important yesterday. Shortly after Mitch and Barr made it clear they plan to keep fucking around with our democracy, we were stressing. We've just seen them get away with so much while people told us not to worry. And then we remembered the words of our president-elect — Keep the faith. And that's what we're gonna do. We're gonna keep the faith, and we're gonna keep working. If you're so inclined, take a look at the Ossoff and Warnock campaigns and see how you can help. We've seen what Mitch and Lindsey are capable of, so we've got to deny them that much power. 

Note 11: And right after we've said "everybody keep working" seems like a good time to remind you we're taking Thursday and Friday off. Don't worry. It's not like we're going to have fun or even be able to relax for a goddamn minute. But we promised our loved ones and stuffed animals we would at least pretend to unplug and recharge (that doesn't make any sense). We hope y'all can do the same. This shit is ceaseless, so we've gotta be rested. We love y'all. Have a wonderful day.

Obamacare again

Once again, Republicans will argue in front of the Supreme Court that it was unconstitutional for President Obama to get healthcare for millions of Americans. Of course there are two things that are different now: They have a Supreme Court that looks like the House Freedom Caucus and there are a thousand people dying a day from a deadly pandemic that they badly mismanaged. Joe Biden is scheduled to give remarks about the importance of the law to American families today. More: CNN, CNN II


Yesterday, SecDef Mark Esper was fired, leaving office while warning that the person who comes after him will be a "yes" man. Then, Bill Barr was seen going into Mitch McConnell's office. Not long after that, McConnell went to the Senate floor to defend Trump's batshit crazy refusal to accept the election results. And shortly after that, Barr announced a new DOJ policy that allows U.S. attorneys to investigate fraud before election results are certified. Trump also cleaned house at NSA and NASA. Now look, maybe all of this is just a big fundraising ploy to help them raise money and juice their base for the Senate run-offs. But can we really afford to take that chance? The right-wing media sphere is convincing a lot of people that the results aren't real. Yeah, we're in a very dangerous place as a country, and the Republican Party is to blame. More: LA Times, New York Times, New York Times II, Washington Post, Washington Post II, The Daily Beast, Axios, NBC News


In addition to trying to overturn the election and subvert the will of the people, Trumpland is refusing to cooperate with the transition we need for the continuity of American government. We told you yesterday about the trash at GSA who is refusing to hand over the keys, but she's not alone. This is government-wide effort to hamstring the transition. We hope these motherfuckers have the nerve to call for civility again in the future. We've got two middle fingers loaded up for just that occasion. More: Axios, Washington Post, Associated Press

Today's clips

The most dramatic reversal in the Biden administration versus the Trump administration will come on President Donald Trump's signature campaign issue from 2016: the border wall.
More: Politico

Georgia Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan, a Republican, said Monday his office has not seen any evidence of widespread voter fraud or irregularities in his state as President Donald Trump continues to claim a second term in office was stolen from him.
More: CNN

President Trump has already told advisers he's thinking about running for president again in 2024, two sources familiar with the conversations tell Axios.
More: Axios

Republican-controlled state governments on Monday began throwing their weight behind President Donald Trump's legal drive to challenge the results of last week's presidential election.
More: Politico




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