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Post Opinion: The black community’s best chance may be four more years of Trump

October 31, 2020 - Brace yourself: Why it may take weeks to settle the 2020 election
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Gianno Caldwell
The black community's best chance may be four more years of Trump
I was recently chatting with a black friend who leans left politically when she said she would like to see President Trump win. I was surprised: She's spoken out against…
Brace yourself: Why it may take weeks to settle the 2020 election
Election Day is almost upon us, but Election Night just might stretch on for weeks —...
David Harsanyi
The real reason Democrats are so bitter about Justice Amy Coney Barrett
Nothing threatens the progressive project more than the existence of a Supreme Court that adheres to...
Maureen Callahan
Family dynasty protects a 'killer' Kennedy
Of course, Michael Skakel got away with the murder of Martha Moxley.
Why moon ice is a huge deal
Mankind is officially "one small step" closer to sustaining life on the moon long-term. Science has...
France's Macron stands tall for free speech and civilization
France is under attack by "Islamist and terrorist madness," President Emmanuel Macron warned after the country...
Cynthia A. Fisher
President Trump does have health-reform plan — and it's already driving down costs
On Thursday, President Trump finalized his health-insurance price-transparency rule. Count on it to revolutionize American health...
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