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Metro Daily: NY Board of Rabbis calls for ‘responsible behavior’ following protests

October 9, 2020 - Brooklyn diocese sues Cuomo over capacity rules for churches
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NY Board of Rabbis calls for 'responsible behavior' following protests
The New York Board of Rabbis called recent protests from Hasidic Brooklynites against coronavirus restrictions "shameful" and asked all members of the Jewish community to follow guidelines. The board, a…
Brooklyn diocese sues Cuomo over capacity rules for churches
The Diocese of Brooklyn sued Gov. Andrew Cuomo for allegedly violating its First Amendment rights by...
Residents raising nearly $1M to fight de Blasio over homeless at Hotel Lucerne
A band of downtown Manhattan residents are raising nearly $1 million to fight Mayor Bill de...
NYC cancels $900M deferred payout to teachers, cites financial crisis
The de Blasio administration has canceled a long-scheduled $900 million deferred compensation payout to current and...
Jewish group sues Gov. Cuomo over new COVID-19 restrictions
Agudath Israel of America and some of its Big Apple affiliates argue that the new COVID...
COVID-19 cases in NYC continue to rise as city nears threshold
Fueled by coronavirus hot spot zones in Brooklyn and Queens, the daily number of new COVID-19...
Families are fleeing schools in one of NYC's top academic districts
Fed up city families are fleeing one of the city's top academic districts in droves. Coveted...
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