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Metro Daily: Driver slams into cyclists during BLM protest in NYC

October 4, 2020 - NYC karaoke bar shuttered over COVID-19 violations
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Driver slams into cyclists during BLM protest in NYC
An SUV driver plowed into a group of bicyclists near Madison Square Park in Manhattan on Saturday night, leaving two of them hospitalized with minor injuries. The bicyclists were participating…
NYC karaoke bar shuttered over COVID-19 violations
The city sheriff's office pulled the plug on a Queens karaoke joint after patrons were spotted...
NYC man arrested, shackled to hospital bed after stroke diagnosis: lawsuit
A Harlem man arrested for drugged driving had actually suffered a stroke — but the NYPD...
Woman dies after bike collides with motorcycle in NYC
A bicyclist is dead following a Saturday morning collision with a motorcycle in Brooklyn, police said....
Homeless NYC man collared for attempted rape of girl in her bedroom
A homeless man has been arrested on charges he tried to rape a 15-year-old Bronx girl...
Counter-protester shoved by the neck at Staten Island Trump rally
A man was filmed shoving a counter-protester by the neck during one of several tense altercations...
Former NYC student wore wire to catch alleged predator teacher
A Manhattan man wore a wire to nab the teacher he claims sexually abused him decades...
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