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Business Report: McDonald’s accused of firing worker who protested lax COVID-19 safeguards

October 18, 2020 - Hackers reportedly accessed 2K Robinhood trading accounts
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McDonald's accused of firing worker who protested lax COVID-19 safeguards
A former McDonald's worker has reportedly sued the fast-food giant for firing her after she protested a lack of coronavirus protections at her restaurant. Maria E. Ruiz Bonilla says McDonald's…
Hackers reportedly accessed 2K Robinhood trading accounts
Nearly 2,000 Robinhood accounts were infiltrated by hackers who stole money from the popular stock-trading app's...
Volkswagen nearing a deal with Carl Icahn to buy trucking giant Navistar
Volkswagen has been locked in a staring contest with Carl Icahn — and the billionaire is...
UK watchdog says Instagram will curb hidden advertising by influencers
Instagram has agreed to measures to crack down on hidden advertising by so-called influencers on its...
Atari is launching a cryptocurrency along with its new gaming console
Atari isn't just getting back in the console game after two decades on the sidelines —...
Amazon Prime Day sales surge 45 percent to over $10 billion
Amazon reportedly raked in more than $10 billion during this week's two-day Prime Day sale. The...
Warner Bros, Universal execs not interested in buying movie theaters
It looks like Hollywood has no plans to save the struggling movie theater business, despite being...
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