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It's Wednesday. There are 20 days until the presidential election. The press goes back to work for the Trump campaign, Trump dances on 215,000 graves while asking women to like him and Republicans falsely accused the nation's first Black president of a crime.

Note: Well hello there, you gorgeous patriots. How are you this fine Hump Day? Yes, we are also eager to tell some people to hump off today. And we'll get to the pathetic kiss-asses in the political press corps in a bit. But for now, we wanted to spend a moment on Trump tweeting an attack on seniors last night. We have a buddy who has a theory that Trump is such a narcissist that if he sees he's losing that he'll insist that he be the person to finish off his campaign. Essentially, the theory is that he couldn't take losing to Biden so he has to know that he tanked it himself. Now we don't go in for these theories that ascribe depth or vision or strategy or basic hygiene to the ass breath in the Oval. But there are days when he just does so much stupid shit that you do have to wonder. Now he's taken a new approach to trying to woo seniors. First, he created an anti-science hellscape where they couldn't see their grandkids. Now he's on twitter making fun of people in nursing homes. It's really only a matter of time until he's screaming fuck the suburbs! Salt their gardens and hang the concrete gnomes! Fuck women! Fuck seniors! Fuck Southerners! And fuck everyone else I pretended to give a damn about in between tweeting, watching Fox and shitting blood. In a week he'll be smashing his tiny misshapen pecker up against the White House window and screaming nobody beats Trump but Trump. And when he does, you can bet your ass the NYT will describe it as "unorthodox." 

Note two: WARNING **** The above section includes a reference to the president's "tiny misshapen pecker." We apologize to anyone who is now vomiting violently or trying to remove their brains with power drill. 

Note three: Feinstein was talking about how great Amy Coney Barrett's family is again today. This is fucking embarrassing.

Note four: Trump also spent part of yesterday tweeting out an insane conspiracy theory that Obama/Biden had Seal Team Six killed or some such idiotic shit. Unfortunately, it wasn't a bullshit sourced story from the NYPost that attacks the Biden family, so the MSM didn't really care that much. The Daily Beast

Note five: Well this is a loss. Damn. RIP. More: CNN

Note six: While Barrett evades honest questions like the cheap political operative that she is, SCOTUS is going through and giving Trump win after win. Barrett or no, SCOTUS has destroyed its own legitimacy. More: NBC News, NBC News II

Note seven: Check out this incredibly racist rant from the former New York City mayor who fucks his own cousin. But instead of focusing on this, MSM reporters again fell for this idiot's Russian oppo dumps. More: Philadelphia Inquirer

Note eight: Congratulations, American taxpayers. The DOJ you pay for is now doing Melani's dirty work. More: Reuters

Note nine: We're beginning to think that Mark Zuckerberg can read polls. More: CNBC

Note 10: George Floyd would've turned 47 today.

Note 11: Here's the column that a couple of us are doing every week. This week we suggest Democrats be like LeBron. More: MeidasTouch

Note 12: We are spitting fire mad today, y'all. And you'll see why in the first news section. But basically, our old MSM friends are pretty upset that this race looks like a landslide and they're trying to do something about it. But before we get to the kind of cussing that can peel paint, we want to tell you that you look lovely today. How do you do it? Keep kicking ass, and thank you for joining us today. We love y'all, and we hope you have a fantastic day. 

A free and gullible press

Things are looking up for Democrats, and mainstream political reporters just can't have that. So first we had Wolf Blitzer using White House talking points to attack Nancy Pelosi. He had some help from people like Ro Khanna and Andrew Yang, who apparently want Nancy to roll over to Mitch and Trump and don't mind stabbing her in the back publicly to get it. Then the NYPost went with an iditoic Rudy-Russia Hunter Biden oppo dump that was miraculously amplified this morning by a NYT reporter and a Politico reporter. And last but not least, there's Axios with a story that is mostly just Trump campaign quotes that accuses Joe Biden of being the luckiest, least challenged candidate in history, which is of course the stupidest fucking thing we've ever read. And not to be outdone by any of this, NBC — the very same fuckheads who gave us the Apprentice and sat on the Access Hollywood tapes — decided to reward Trump for skipping a debate by giving him a townhall in the same time slot as the one Joe Biden is on ABC. Sigh. They learned nothing from 2016. In fact, they think they did a good job then. Because they don't care about their readers or their countrymen or their country. They care about themselves and clicks and getting on tv and book deals and prizes. More: NO LINKS

Keep dancing, asshole

Our idiot president superspreader was back on the road yesterday, this time taking his lies and germs to Pennsylvania where he once again danced a little jig despite the deaths of 215,000 Americans on his watch. The rallies continue to be horrifying Klan rallies that the press largely ignores. Last night's twist was Trump bragging about ending anti-segregationist policies and then begging suburban women to like him. "So I ask you to do me a favor. Suburban women, will you please like me? I saved your damn neighborhood, ok?" (h/t Daniel Dale) Well, now we're worried because this seems like a solid pitch. What a fucking idiot. More: USA Today

Apologies forthcoming

You'll never believe this, but it turns out those crimes Trump and dirty Devin Nunes and many others accused President Obama of were completely bullshit. Yeah, WaPo reports that the unmasking scandal wasn't a scandal or a big deal, and the gutless wimps who pushed it aren't even issuing a report. So where does President Obama go for his apology? More: Washington Post

Today's clips

Her opinions include cases on guns, sexual assault on campus, immigration and employment discrimination. She also has signed onto several opinions, including two dealing with abortion, that are sure to be questioned in this week's confirmation hearing.
More: Associated Press

A new pro-Trump super PAC ad uses stock footage from Russia and Belarus in a major ad buy that's airing in three swing states. It's the fourth time in three months that an ad promoting President Donald Trump's reelection has used footage from Russia.
More: Politico

Attorneys from the Department of Justice argued in court on Tuesday that President Trump's tweets authorizing the "total declassification of any & all documents" related to the Russia investigation and Hillary Clinton's emails should not be considered real declassification orders.
More: Axios

Defense Secretary Mark Esper stopped short of committing to keep troops away from polling stations next month, prompting Democratic lawmakers to call on the Pentagon chief to vow that the military won't be used to influence the election.
More: Politico

It was a move directly at odds with the caution that Birx and others have been pitching. But while she may have seemed irritated by it all, she was hardly the only high-ranking health official indicating that they're at their wits' end with Trump.
More: The Daily Beast




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