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It's Monday. There are 22 days until the presidential election. Republicans move ahead with delegitimizing the Supreme Court, Trump uses Fauci for a campaign ad and the super-spreader-in-chief returns to the road.

Note: Godamnit. Even for a Monday, we're in a shit mood. And we'll just warn you now that we're doing a lot of cussing about it today. It's probably because we're watching the end of Roe, the ACA and the legitimacy of the Senate and the Supreme Court all at once this morning. It's depressing as hell. And if there's one thing we know about you good people, it's that you come to TBS to get all kinds of depressed. And this is some sand in the bathing suit levels of bullshit. This is listen to the Cure while holding a lighter under your hand at 2 a.m. depressing. This is Morrisey while drinking wine out of a paper bag depressing. This is same pair of sweatpants for two weeks depressing. It's damn tempting to take the day off, curl up on the couch with some West Wing episodes and maybe some PCP, but goddamnit no. This is the time to get revenge. This the time to focus on throwing these scummy, lying, hypocritical motherfuckers right the fuck out of office. We can't stop Amy Coney Barrett, but we can make Lindsey Graham pay for this bullshit at the ballot box. So do you know Jamie Harrison? Have you done something to help him win? Something beyond Lady G tweets? Look, today just sucks. What Mitch McConnell and his gang of scum are doing is insulting, terrifying, infuriating. We're not gonna pretend like this doesn't hurt. Instead we're just gonna say channel the rage. Make them feel your anger in 22 days. 

Note two: We're not sorry about all that early Monday cussing. To quote MacGruber, this is an asshole of a day. So let's make asshole-ade and focus some time today on making calls or giving money or cussing like some drunken lunatics in a newsletter.

Note three: Congrats to the Los Angeles Lakers on winning their 17th world championship last night. Unlike Trump, LeBron actually did win. And congrats to the NBA for pulling off such an amazing experience despite a pandemic and painful racial injustice. COVID Trumpland sucks butt, but thanks to the NBA and WNBA, it sucked a little less these last three months.

Note four: This should have been the biggest story this weekend. But our gutless ass-kissing friends in the media were acting like Joe Biden's non-answer about the Supreme Court was so much more important. More: New York Times

Note five: Well here's something to make us stop cussing… for about 30 seconds. More: CNN

Note six: In 2018, Florida voters approved a measure to restore ex-felon voting rights with 65 percent of the vote. White Florida politicians, with the help of the 11th Circuit, told them to go fuck themselves. And they're getting away with it. More: ProPublica

Note seven: To be fair, this does seem to be how most of Trump's love affairs end up. More: CNN

Note eight: Y'all see this peckerwood trying to claim he's the real victim in the plot to kidnap Gretchen Whitmer? Also, why didn't this dominate the Sunday news shows? Oh right, because the Sunday news shows are hot fucking garbage. More: The Detroit News

Note nine: One of the thing we like about Joe Biden is that he is not endorsed by the fucking Taliban. More: CBS News

Note 10: We love us some Pearl Jam around here. We especially love how hard they fight for this country. More: New York Times

Note 11: Well, our mood still sucks, but we always feel better after hanging out with y'all for a little bit. We're in the sprint now, so everybody just hold on. We've got three weeks to kick some serious ass, so let's get back to it. We love y'all, and we hope you have a fantastic week. 

Shit shit shit

The Amy Coney Barrett hearings are underway. We've already heard patronizing lies from hypocritical lying pieces of shit. We've seen Ted Cruz be a scumbag, we've seen Mike Lee speak without a mask despite having COVID, we've seen Lindsey Graham lie and we've seen DiFi be an ineffective joke. So yeah, everything about this fucking sucks. Shall we just move on? More: ABC News, CNN

Poor Fauci

Trump is now using some of Fauci's words out of context for a campaign ad. And so Fauci actually went on record to say his words were being used incorrectly and he is not endorsing Trump. Trump said he didn't care and even tweeted a defense of his bullshit ad. Fauci needs to resign and make a fuss. But he won't. More: CNN


Trump is returning to the campaign trail today despite the White House's refusal to say when his last negative test was. He already had a campaign event at the White House Saturday that you helped pay for. So good luck, Florida, because this asshole is headed your way. He really seems to think he took some kind of cure, telling Fox over the weekend that he is now immune from COVID and has a "protective glow." Yeah, we don't know what the fuck that means anyway. Just stay far, far away from this asshole. More: The Daily Beast, Axios

Today's clips

Facebook said Thursday that it has taken down hundreds of fake accounts created by a marketing company that worked with the young conservative group Turning Point USA to invade the comments sections of mainstream publishers and denigrate Democratic politicians.
More: NBC News

For the first time in seven months, Florida officials on Saturday did not release the number of confirmed cases or deaths from COVID-19.
More: Tampa Bay Times

Trump, with the help of outlets like Fox News, has been pushing a dishonest narrative in touting intelligence documents that his administration declassified last month on the eve of the first presidential debate. They claimed the information was a supposed smoking gun proving that Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration sought to frame Trump with a Russian collusion scandal.
More: CNN

When President Trump, recovering from the novel coronavirus, welcomed hundreds of people on Saturday to what resembled a campaign rally on the White House grounds, the guests filed onto the South Lawn past a military band in resplendent red, its horns blasting the tune "America" from "West Side Story."
More: Washington Post

President Trump publicly pressured the Justice Department on Friday to move against his political adversaries and complained that Attorney General William P. Barr is not doing enough to deliver results of a probe into how the Obama administration investigated possible collusion between Russia and the 2016 Trump campaign.
More: Washington Post

On any given day over the past two years, visitors to the home page of RealClearPolitics were likely to see its famous average of political polls, a roundup of news and center-right commentary—and, near the bottom, a link or two to stories from
More: Wall Street Journal

Kentucky's governor said Sunday that he will quarantine after a member of his security detail who drove with his family the day before later tested positive for COVID-19.
More: Politico



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