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Post Opinion: Brace for a bitter debate on America’s religious freedom in Senate: Goodwin

September 27, 2020 - New York's leaders should join Trump in rejecting vile 'critical race theory'
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Michael Goodwin
Brace for a bitter debate on America's religious freedom in Senate: Goodwin
If Amy Coney Barrett is confirmed for the Supreme Court, the credit will go to President Trump for nominating her and the GOP Senate for producing the votes. But Barrett…
New York's leaders should join Trump in rejecting vile 'critical race theory'
President Trump's pushback against "critical race theory" can help unite the nation and reclaim its core...
Charles Gasparino
Larry Ellison's on-off TikTok deal is a three-ring circus
Software giant Oracle's on-again, off-again deal to save short-video app TikTok from a White House ban...
Big Tech's praise for Biden will strike most people as a reason to prefer Trump
The two dozen tech geniuses who endorsed Joe Biden in a recent New York Times letter...
Ted Cruz
Ted Cruz: The chance for a conservative Supreme Court is now
President Trump has thus far had two successfully appointed Supreme Court nominees. Trump's first nominee, Neil...
Maureen Callahan
Tom Ford's surprising lesson about looking good in quarantine
What does it mean that New Yorkers, once residents of the world's most fashion-forward city, have...
Brian Blase
11 things Trump has done to fix Obamacare
President Trump will face off with former Vice President Joe Biden in the first presidential debate...
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