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Post Opinion: The art of the peace deal, Trump’s masterful détente: Goodwin

September 16, 2020 - Sorry — abolishing the Electoral College is still a terrible idea
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Michael Goodwin
The art of the peace deal, Trump's masterful détente: Goodwin
Before Tuesday's remarkable events began at the White House, Palestinians in the West Bank dutifully protested the decisions by the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain to recognize Israel's right to…
Jonah Goldberg
Sorry — abolishing the Electoral College is still a terrible idea
Let's face an ugly possibility: President Trump could get elected again without winning the popular vote....
Christopher F. Rufo
Even after Trump ordered an end, federal agencies still push insane 'critical race theory'
President Trump is taking on the odious ideology known as critical race theory, or CRT. Kudos....
'Problem Solvers' show what a real COVID-19-relief compromise looks like
In a crisis, statesmen find a way to compromise. Can the Democratic and Republican leaders of...
Fresh evidence of City Hall's deadly lead-paint lies
Documents coughed up under the Freedom Of Information Law again show that the de Blasio administration...
A huge step forward for Arab-Israeli peace — and against Iran's evil ambitions
Tuesday's signing of the Abraham Accords marks a major step forward that once seemed impossible, toward...
Scott Atlas
Science says: Colleges should all reopen (with precautions)
World-class universities are among America's most treasured institutions. Unfortunately, several universities have recently announced their plans...
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