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Morning Report: BLM protesters clash with NYPD after marching onto George Washington Bridge

September 13, 2020 - Trump vows to revive economy at Nevada rally, warns Democrats will 'rig' election
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BLM protesters clash with NYPD after marching onto George Washington Bridge
Six Black Lives Matter protesters were arrested outside of the 34th Precinct in Washington Heights on Saturday night after earlier marching onto the George...
Trump vows to revive economy at Nevada rally, warns Democrats will 'rig' election
President Trump opened a three-day campaign swing through the West with a rally near Reno, Nev., Saturday night, pledging there to quickly revive the...
Two LA County Sheriffs officers cling to life after ambush shooting in Compton
Two Los Angeles County Sheriffs officers were clinging to life after they were ambushed and shot point-blank through their patrol car window late Saturday....
Man dies after being shot 3 times sitting in BMW in NYC: cops
A 33-year-old man died Saturday after he was shot three times in the torso while sitting in a BMW in Dyker Heights, police said....
Eccentric millionaire who hid treasure in Rocky Mountains dies, sprouting mysteries
When Forrest Fenn died at his home in New Mexico Monday, the eccentric millionaire collector left hundreds of frustrated adventurers who say he never...
Wild video shows plane passenger punch woman in alleged racial attack
In the expletive-laden footage, the man erupts in fury and throws a punch as he lunges over a seat after a woman can be...
Conor McGregor detained over sexual assault allegations while on romantic vacation
He couldn't kick himself out of this cage.
Score five must-have security programs that will keep your data protected online
You wouldn't leave your home without locking up—so why don't you treat your internet data the...
Will Smith finally buries hatchet with 'First Aunt Viv' Janet Hubert
Bob the 600-pound alligator is in pain
Best star snaps of the week: J.Lo, John Stamos, Halsey and more
Kids return to school as NYC celebrates Labor Day: The Post's week in photos
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Wildfires continue to ravage West Coast as death toll soars
SALEM, Ore. — Wildfire smoke that posed a health hazard to millions choked the West Coast on Saturday as firefighters battled deadly blazes that...
Man fatally shot by hail of bullets in Brooklyn
It was the second shooting in the borough in 40 minutes.
Jets history shows Sam Darnold Year 3 could go either way
ORCHARD PARK — What we know about Sam Darnold so far is a whisper here, a whisker there, a sign of hope over here,...
Feds can't scapegoat Google and Big Tech as anti-trust targets forever
It seems that every week is a big week for Big Tech these days. Sometimes hitting record highs, sometimes taking a big hit. But...
The Democrats' partisan damage: Goodwin
First, it was the United Arab Emirates and Israel making peace. Then it was Serbia and Kosovo agreeing to set aside political disputes to...
Lucky letter landed Judge Judy's bailiff a career in Hollywood
After witnessing 12,500 cases as the bailiff to TV's Judge Judy, one in particular stands out for Petri Hawkins Byrd — one in a...
Princess Diana's stylist: It was 'weird' to recreate her hair for 'The Crown'
It's a déjà do.
18 coffee makers, brewers and accessories that are on sale
Gone are the days of sitting in your favorite coffee shop with a book in one hand and a piping mug of Earl Grey...
Missing serval cat found safe after being spooked by family dog
The 40-pound African serval cat name Spartacus spent a few days in the New Hampshire wild.
Megyn Kelly gets into podcasting with new venture, 'Devil May Care Media'
The former TV news commentator and talk-show host is launching "Devil May Care Media" podcasting company.
NASA measures California wildfire temperatures from ISS
NASA has measured California wildfire temperatures using an instrument on the International Space Station. The space agency's ECOsystem Spaceborne Thermal Radiometer Experiment on Space...
I'm a native New Yorker conflicted over leaving. Here's why I'm doing it anyway
New York is not dead, but I have opened my heart to other places being alive.
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