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Coronavirus Daily Update: Outdoor dining bubbles are the perfect solution for chilly NYC

September 25, 2020 - Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam, wife test positive for coronavirus
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Outdoor dining bubbles are the perfect solution for chilly NYC
Care for some bubbly in your bubble?
Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam, wife test positive for coronavirus
The Democratic governor and first lady received nasal swab tests Thursday afternoon after learning a staff member who works in their living quarters became...
Wisconsin parents knowingly sending COVID-infected kids to school, officials say
Parents in Wisconsin are knowingly sending their kids to school while the students are infected with COVID-19 or experiencing symptoms, health officials said. Kirsten...
Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine shows promising results in mid-stage trials
Scientists said 98 percent of the 1,000 participants in the government-backed trial had "neutralizing antibodies" — which defend cells from pathogens — roughly a...
Parents are more concerned about their children's online safety during remote learning
Three-quarters of American parents are more worried than ever about their child's online safety — due to distance learning, according to new research. As...
CDC says nearly 50 percent of coronavirus patients did not report their close contacts
Contact tracing, when effective, may help interrupt the chain of coronavirus transmission. However, noncooperation from infected individuals and failure to reach close contacts feeds...
Three churchgoers arrested for failing to wear masks at Idaho protest
Three people were arrested at an anti-mask protest in Idaho where churchgoers gathered to belt out religious songs in a city hall parking lot....
Deborah Birx denies reports she's leaving COVID-19 task force over 'diminished' role
"Do I look like a person that is diminished?" the task force coordinator said when asked Thursday about a CNN report which claimed the...
Britain's Queen Elizabeth faces $45 million shortfall due to COVID-19
Britain's Queen Elizabeth II and her family are facing a 35 million pound ($45 million) hit from the coronavirus pandemic, partly due to a...
Orthodox doctor warns High Holy Days ceremonies could fuel COVID-19 outbreak
A prominent doctor on Long Island is warning that ceremonies marking the Jewish High Holy Days could fuel another coronavirus outbreak in already hard-hit...
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