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Coronavirus Daily Update: New York colleges flunked by experts for failure to report on COVID-19

September 20, 2020 - David Ortiz says he's recovering from COVID-19
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New York colleges flunked by experts for failure to report on COVID-19
Fordham, Long Island and Yeshiva universities get an "F" for keeping their communities in the dark on their coronavirus cases, a group of public-health...
David Ortiz says he's recovering from COVID-19
Retired Boston Red Sox player David Ortiz says he's recovering after being diagnosed with COVID-19. Ortiz said Friday that he was asymptomatic, but that...
NFL player with fever being kept off field 'out of caution'
An unidentified NFL player is being withheld from one of today's games "out of caution" after coming down with fever, according to the Washington...
Kentucky infectious disease expert who pushed mask-wearing dies of COVID-19
A Kentucky infectious disease expert who forcefully led local calls to wear masks has died after a four-month battle against COVID-19. Dr. Rebecca Shadowen,...
California battles wildfires, coronavirus and earthquake all in one week
California was forced to contend in one week with the triple threat of wildfires, the coronavirus and an earthquake. The Golden State has been...
China's drive to control is only getting worse
Beijing is accusing Washington of "hegemony and provocation" — for telling the truth about China's ever-more-aggressive moves toward hegemony and provocation. It'd be laughable,...
Bleach touted as 'miracle cure' for coronavirus being sold on Amazon: report
Snake oil salesmen are invading Amazon selling bleach disguised as "water treatments" for COVID-19. An investigation by the Guardian found chlorine dioxide solutions being...
European countries impose new COVID-19 restrictions after surge in cases
Britain is considering another national lockdown to stop a surge in coronavirus cases and a handful of other European countries have imposed new restrictions...
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