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It's Wednesday. There are 34 days until the presidential election. The president throws his support to white supremacists, House Republicans vote against American democracy and the director of National Intelligence is the new Julian Assange.

Note: Soooooo what did you think? Pretty normal shit right? Just another day in the park where the president calls tax-paying Americans "stupid," attacks Joe Biden's only surviving son and tells a group of violent white supremacists to "stand by." The thing about typing a sentence like that is it probably reads like it was written by a calm person but the reality is we are running around screaming holy shit holy shit holy shit like the fucking kitchen is on fire because, y'all, the motherfucking kitchen is on fire. We're not going to dump on Chris Wallace because we expected him to suck even more than he did. But man are we proud of Joe Biden. It's not easy to keep your footing in the middle of a hurricane of idiot rage. That was like trying to debate while also being in the scene from Boogie Nights where they're gonna rob that dude and Sister Christian is playing and that kid keeps lighting firecrackers. Credit to Joe for standing in there. Sure there were stumbles — are we the only people who heard "I am the Democratic Party" in Denzel's voice from Training Day? — but he was our champion and last night he stood on a stage with Donald Trump and called him a liar, a racist and a clown. And we've been waiting four fucking years for someone to do that. More: YouTube

Note two: Maybe it's all the hydroxychloroquine and bleach we've been taking, but it sure seemed like Trump started out as a deep orange last night and ended up closer to purple. Looked like someone who fucked up while touring Willy Wonka's factory. And he used to just look like he worked there. 

Note three: Mitch McConnell clearly has a problem with women. This is what happens when an incel is 108 years old. More: Kentucky Democratic Party

Note four: And his crooked protege is in some deep shit. More: Courier Journal, WDRB

Note five: Here's a story about how HHS is trying to use $300 million of our money to run ads featuring celebrities to tell us how great a job Trump did on COVID. We're damn grateful to see that Dennis Quaid is going to drop out. We were prepared to start hating that motherfucker, and that's just no way to feel about the star of Jaws 3. More: Politico

Note six: How is this not a bigger scandal? More: New York Times

Note seven: Last night, Trump admitted that he is ramming through a Supreme Court justice so she can swing the election this way. And she appears to be cool with that as her questionnaire says she won't recuse from any election-related matters. Everything is going great! More: Politico

Note eight: Hold this motherfucker in contempt. Then ask him what dinosaurs were like. More: Axios

Note nine: Mike Flynn's lawyer admitted in court yesterday that she has been in communication with Trump. Totally not sketchy at all. More: Wall Street Journal

Note 10: Here's something to think about if you're contemplating taking a cruise. But there's no way you're smart enough to read TBS and thinking about taking a cruise. Cruise people read Playbook. More: Axios

Note 11: James Comey is testifying in Lindsey Graham's sham hearing as we write this. We're hoping the Earth will open up and swallow them both whole, but there's no way this or any other planet would eat that stupid shit. 

Note 12: What a night. What a soupy shit-filled diaper of a night. And of course our national press corps is going with the both-sides-are-bad reporting that is destroying this country. Oh well. Let's spend today working hard for our candidate and being proud that we're on this team. We hope y'all got through last night ok, and we hope your week is going wonderfully. We love y'all! 

"Stand back and stand by"

That was the president's message to white supremacists and specifically the violent extremists Proud Boys at last night's debate. He was pressed over and over again, and he just couldn't get it. Even one of the Fox and Friends was shocked by it this morning. And it's actually even worse than it looks. Remember that Trump closed by telling his people to go to polls and intimidate voters. Trump's aides were scrambling this morning as it once again became obvious that their boss is a racist psychopath, but the Proud Boys and other white supremacists were celebrating with the Proud Boys even changing their insignia to include Trump's words. Trump made the whole night a mess, and we can't imagine he picked up a lot of undecided voters by acting like Francis from PeeWee's Big Adventure on PCP. Republican pollster Frank Luntz did a focus group and found undecided voters using words like "crackhead," "arrogant" and "un-American" to describe Trump. Good job, Mr. Orange. Keep doing exactly what you're doing! Oh and btw, the Biden campaign brought in a record $3.8 million in the hour after the debate. More: NBC News, Axios, Politico, Washington Post, Washington Post II

Um wut?!

Yesterday the House of Representatives, in a largely symbolic vote, moved to make sure everyone knows that the House joins the Senate in making sure there will be a peaceful transfer of power after November. It was a really simple thing to do since this is basic American shit. But five — FIVE!!! — Republicans voted against it, making them traitors to our democracy. Matt Gaetz, Louie Gohmert, Clay Higgins, Steve King and Thomas Massie all voted against having a peaceful transfer of power in this country. At first we were disgusted and angry, then we remembered that it is a good thing that Republicans keep showing voters who and what they really are. More: The Hill

Julian Ratcliffe

Yesterday, while Fox and a bunch of online disinformation dickheads were pushing a coordinated conspiracy theory that Joe Biden refused to be checked for a listening device, the Director of National Intelligence was pushing out Russian disinformation that Hillary came up with a plot to blame Russian attacks on our democracy on Trump. It is a fucking joke of course and came straight through the Kremlin, and even Ratcliffe's dirty ass noted in the memo that the information might be false or unreliable. But the scumbags in Trumpland tried to run with it yesterday, and we were made clear that Russia is running our national intelligence infrastructure now. We're sure the House will investigate this nightmare in the next two to three years. More: NBC News, Politico

Today's clips

President Donald Trump's nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court has close ties to a charismatic Christian religious group that holds men are divinely ordained as the "head" of the family and faith. Former members of the group, called People of Praise, say it teaches that wives must submit to the will of their husbands.
More: Associated Press

The Trump administration is falling far short of its goal of having 300 million N95 respirators available in time for the flu season, according to internal documents reviewed by Yahoo News. Though the supply of N95 respirators has greatly increased in the last several months, it is at a little less than one-third of promised levels.
More: Yahoo News

Democratic voters who have requested mail ballots — and returned them — greatly outnumber Republicans so far in key battleground states, causing alarm among GOP party leaders and strategists that President Trump's attacks on mail voting could be hurting the party's prospects to retain the White House and the Senate this year.
More: Washington Post

Amy Coney Barrett, President Trump's nominee to join the Supreme Court, once represented an affiliate of an Iranian exile group as it challenged its State Department designation as a foreign terrorist organization.
More: Washington Post

The Trump administration is preparing an immigration enforcement blitz next month that would target arrests in U.S. cities and jurisdictions that have adopted "sanctuary" policies, according to three U.S. officials who described a plan with public messaging that echoes the president's law-and-order campaign rhetoric.
More: Washington Post

A federal judge in California blocked a Trump administration rule that would've hiked up naturalization fees by more than 80% and charged a first-time fee for asylum applicants, days before the regulation was set to take effect.
More: CNN

President Donald Trump continued his assault on the integrity of the U.S. elections during the first presidential debate Tuesday, spreading falsehoods about the security of voting and misrepresenting issues with mail ballots.
More: Associated Press



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