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It's Thursday. There are 40 days until the presidential election. Trump refuses to agree to a peaceful transition of power and the press ignores it, another poll says Americans want the next president to nominate the next justice and Trump says he might veto FDA vaccine safeguards.

Note: Hey there, you gorgeous troublemakers. How are you holding up in Trumpland today? Yeah, we seem to be crying acid as well. But that's the new normal. We won't even sugarcoat it. The last few days have been a real kick in the soft stuff. Just a wound on top of a wound on top of a missing limb. Weary doesn't begin to describe how our people are feeling. Between RBG and Breonna Taylor, the parts of our heart that aren't broken are exhausted. We've always known this country treats women like shit, but these last few days have made it painfully clear. Yesterday, while we were processing this news and drowning our sorrows in a dangerous amount of gummy bears, we thought of that Churchill quote -- "If you're going through hell, keep going." And while it probably would've been more fun to make up a Churchill quote like Trump does, we thought this one was pretty perfect. We're all in hell right now. But it is imperative that we keep going. If we stop, then this will be our new home. And we don't wear red well, and we fucking hate pitchforks. So we're gonna keep going. For Ruth. For Breonna. For every woman this country has failed to see and value. So yes, let's keep going, and let's take hell to our opponents. More: CNBC

Note two: Did you know that Ted Cruz's favorite food is buttcheek? That's right. It's basically all he eats. He just loves buttcheek. Can't get enough of them. And you know what they say about how you are what you eat. Yeah, it turns you into the world's biggest asshole. More: Texas Tribune

Note three: Let's be very clear about something. DiFi is a disaster and absolutely should be nowhere near this nomination fight. If the plan is for her to chair the hearings, then Democrats should boycott them. There are literally three Democratic U.S. Senators voicing their concerns to a reporter in this story. She sat on Dr. Ford's letter for weeks, and we will never, ever, ever forgive that. More: Politico

Note four: The ever pasty Chris Wallace announced that "Race and Violence in our Cities" is one of his debate topics. Chris's station has been defending a double murderer and inciting violence and racism for years. Why does Fox have a debate again? More: Washington Post

Note five: Oh look, another Russian asset installed in our intel community. More: The Daily Beast

Note six: If you were building a zoo and all you wanted to fill it with were gutless, shameless hypocrites and liars, this story would be your roadmap. More: CNN

Note seven: Barr and Durham are re-investigating the Clinton Foundation. Seriously. More: New York Times

Note eight: We've noticed this and we're glad someone else picked up on it. Much like Mitch McConnell, Trump's rallies have been getting uglier. Something we didn't think was possible. But of course the press corps is focused on not getting enough time with Biden. More: Washington Post

Note nine: Here's another "nobody," according to the president. More: Houston Chronicle

Note 10: Did you hear Trump getting booed this morning as he went to see RBG lying in state? They booed him and chanted "Vote him out!" Sweet, sweet patriotic music. We've never been prouder to be Americans. We're gonna have to find a teenager to show us how to make this our ringtone. More: The Independent

Note 11: Ok, folks, we're in hell so keep going. We know you will. We hope you have a wonderful day, and if you're protesting, please wear a mask and be safe. We need you on the team. Oh and if you see Mitch McConnell, tell him to fuck off. Love y'all!

Just go

Trump continued his assault on America yesterday by refusing to agree to a peaceful transfer of power, which has only been the hallmark of American democracy for the last 200+ years. This wasn't the first time Trump has suggested he won't leave office, but this was the most explicit he has been asked about it yet. Thank you to our friend Brian Karem for that. It was such earth-shaking news that the NYT ran it on page A15 and WaPo ran it on A4. Per Matthew Gertz (not Gaetz), it also didn't appear on the front pages of the WSJ, the LATimes, USAToday or the Chicago Tribune, underscoring again just how badly the free press has fucked up this moment in history. This morning, Republicans were tweeting about how important it is to have a peaceful transition of power while going out of their way to avoid mentioning Trump's name. When this is all said and done, the story of Trumpland will be the story of cowards who said and did nothing while America was hurting. More: CNN

Listen to the people

Yet another poll shows that Americans prefer the next president fill RBG's seat, but it really doesn't matter because Republicans are ramming this through. And this is another chance to talk about how Trump was booed this morning. Republicans are hoping this battle will turn their fates around and help people like Lindsey get over the hump. And we have to admit that we're damn eager to see how our side fucks this up. In addition to rejecting a peaceful transfer of power, Trump is saying he needs a new Supreme Court justice so they can throw him the election. It quickly became a GOP talking point. They're bragging about how they're going to rig the Supreme Court to toss them the election, and the nation's biggest papers are missing the story. More: CNN, Washington Post

Take this

After FDA administrator Stephen Hahn told Congress yesterday that he would ensure a safe vaccine free from political influence, Trump said that's bullshit and threatened to override the FDA. So yeah, nobody is going to trust anything this fucker rolls out, and America will continue to be a disease-ridden hellscape. It's at this point we'd like you to remember that it was just two weeks ago that Americans learned that their president lied to them about a deadly virus. If you remember that and think it's important, you're not in the White House press corps. Meanwhile, another 1,112 Americans died of COVID yesterday, and cases are on the rise in 22 states. More: Bloomberg, Axios

Today's clips

In unguarded moments with senior aides, President Trump has maintained that Black Americans have mainly themselves to blame in their struggle for equality, hindered more by lack of initiative than societal impediments, according to current and former U.S. officials.

After phone calls with Jewish lawmakers, Trump has muttered that Jews "are only in it for themselves" and "stick together" in an ethnic allegiance that exceeds other loyalties, officials said.
More: Washington Post

A state panel on Wednesday denied a request to grant a full pardon to Desmond Meade, the man who led the historic push to restore Florida's felon voting rights under Amendment 4.
More: Miami Herald

Once a fixture at the administration's coronavirus briefings, Dr. Deborah Birx has confided to aides and friends that she has become so unhappy with what she sees as her diminished role as coordinator of the White House coronavirus task force that she is not certain how much longer she can serve in her position, sources familiar with her thinking tell CNN.
More: CNN

Congress is readying to leave Washington as soon as this week until after the election without passing a coronavirus economic stimulus bill that members of both parties, businesses and hard-hit Americans all agree is desperately needed.
More: CNN

A former senior military adviser to President Donald Trump has endorsed Joe Biden for president.
More: CNN



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