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It's Wednesday. There are 41 days until the presidential election. Trump tries to ignore 200,000 dead Americans but still has plenty of time for racism, the NYT tells us just how bad it's gonna be when the ACA is killed and Biden gets a big endorsement as his Senate attackers go bust.

Note: Hey there, fellow Shitholians. Anybody else in a foul mood this hump day? Yeah, us too. We made the mistake of looking at some bad poll numbers this morning. Then we went down a rabbit hole of "how fucking stupid can we be?" But that's bound to happen when a poll shows Trump doing better in Florida and Arizona the day after the COVID death toll reached 200,000. As a country, we're going to answer a lot of questions this November. Chief among them is "Is America smart enough to survive?" It's clearly a toss-up. And that shouldn't come as too much of a surprise. We're the people who gave the world the pet rock, the balloon boy who wasn't in a balloon and the Kardashians. But maybe we're being the dumb ones today. Because it's pretty dumb to read a poll and assume you've read the whole truth. It's important to look at the averages and not get too high or too low when you see them. They're not scoreboards. They're just snapshots of a moment in time. The only thing you can count on is the work you put in to make a difference. Polls are a fucking nightmare to track and you can drive yourself crazy doing so. But it's really easy to keep track of how much money you've given or how many calls you've made. Thanks for letting us work this out in today's first note. We feel much calmer now. 

Note two: Fuck that. It's time to freak! More: The Atlantic

Note three: Trump killed Halloween. So add that to the postal service and 200,000 Americans. More: NPR


Note five: It really is insane that we are straight up running against Trump AND Putin and it's basically treated like old news. More: NBC News, New York Times

Note six: Man, Gayle Sayers died. We'd cry about it, but we used up all our tears every time we watched Brian's Song. And if you've never seen it, remedy that immediately. We seriously got choked up just thinking about it. More: NBC Chicago

Note seven: We're losing a lot of heroes these days… More: Montgomery Advertiser

Note eight: Here's this week's column that a couple of us are writing. We hope you enjoy. More: MeidasTouch

Note nine: THIS IS INSANE!!! Mark Zuckerberg treats America like it's a girl who didn't want to date his creepy ass. More: Fast Company

Note 10: We don't know what's going to happen in Louisville, Ky., but we're sending prayers and good thoughts for some clarity, some peace and some much-needed justice.

Note 11: Ok, we're still crying a little over the Gayle Sayers thing and the fact that our jokes kinda sucked ass today so we're gonna go ahead and get to the news section. Thank you for joining us today. Trumpland is hard, but it would be much harder without you. Hang in there. You're doing great! 


Most of the media recognized yesterday as the day the American COVID death toll passed 200,000. Unbelievably, the president and vice president of the United States both tried to ignore the milestone. Those people were Americans, and they deserve better from their officials. Instead we got dumb shit at a packed rally bashing mask use. But Trump did make time for another Klan rally, using the occasion to hurl some more racism at Rep. Omar. If you're looking for coverage of it today, well, you're going to be disappointed. Mainstream media reporters were busy chasing whatever Hugh Hewitt wanted them to and forgetting that Trump attacks Joe Biden's religion every fucking day. More: Associated Press

More death

The ACA is likely dead, and if we don't elect Democrats up and down the ticket, it's going to stay that way. So what exactly are Republicans doing to this country when they kill a law that helped millions? The NYT breaks it down as: 21 million lose their health insurance during a deadly pandemic, 133 million have pre-existing conditions, 60 million on Medicare would have to pay more for prescription drugs and preventative care and 800,000 lose access to opioid treatment. That's why we're talking about the ACA and Republicans and their media kiss-asses are talking about some Karen's religion. More: New York Times

Go Joe

Joe Biden got a big endorsement from Cindy McCain yesterday, and it is playing prominently in Arizona media today. So of course our scumbag president took a shot at her on twitter this morning and of course our national political media dismissed it as just Trump being Trump. But that's not all the good news for Joe. No, Russian Ron Johnson released his bullshit report on the Bidens today, and it is as empty and dumb as every smart person predicted it would be. There's plenty of shit for the Federalist to attack, but even the Russian plants in the Senate couldn't say Biden did anything wrong. Hey, this was a much better use of our tax dollars on the Homeland Security Committee instead of looking into the response to a virus that has killed 200,000. Oh and Sen. Johnson, Chad Wolf steered $6 million to his wife's company. Wanna investigate that? More: CNN, Washington Post, NBC News

Today's clips

Dutch officials demanded answers from Pete Hoekstra, the U.S. ambassador to the Netherlands, on Tuesday in light of reports that the Trump appointee had held a private event for a rising right-wing political party and its donors at the U.S. Embassy in The Hague earlier this month.
More: Washington Post

President Donald Trump's former top Russia adviser said Tuesday that the United States is increasingly seen as "an object of pity" and its standing on the world stage is eroding.
More: CNN

Joe Biden's campaign is storming states with competitive Senate races this week to help boost Democratic candidates in the run-up to the election.
More: Axios

There is a pattern: President Donald Trump's campaign and its allies keep dishonestly snipping, editing or describing video clips of former Vice President Joe Biden to try to make the Democratic presidential nominee seem confused or senile.
More: CNN

"And Wisconsin goes for . . . nobody, yet." That's the kind of inconclusive message you may hear often on election night, as television networks try to cover the results of a presidential contest unlike any other in our history. Viewers should be grateful for the caution.
More: Washington Post

As attack ads go, this one — entitled "Shadow" and released by the National Republican Congressional Campaign Committee (NRCC) — would be considered extreme even by the usual standards of political mudslinging. There is no evidence that Malinowski, who before being elected to Congress in 2018 served for years as the Washington director of Human Rights Watch and later as assistant secretary of state for democracy and human rights, had ever done anything to protect sexual predators or lobbied against the sex offender registry.
More: Yahoo News



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