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It's Tuesday. There are 42 days until the presidential election. Trump again lies about the virus, Republicans agree to rubberstamp Trump's SCOTUS nominee before she's even named and Trump again brags about how he and Putin get along.

Note: Hey there, sexy patriots! How are you this fine Tuesday six weeks out from the election? Yeah, us too. These last few days have been rough. But let's not forget the Number One rule of Trumpland -- shit can always get worse. So let's think of right now as a low point and work our asses off to keep things from getting worse. We know what you're thinking. But TBS, we're losing the Court, our people are too weak to fight back and you are so good looking! Well, thank you for that last part. Now we're blushing. And you're not wrong about the other two either. Dickless Mitt just announced he's on board with whatever Dear Leader wants, so Republicans are getting their nominee on the court. And Senate Democrats are just unbelievable chickenshits with closet Republican Dianne Feinstein throwing cold water on getting rid of the filibuster yesterday even as McConnell was kicking sand in her face. We had a point about not giving up, but now we can't remember what it is. Oh yeah, we still have one great option. We can vote these sick fuckers out. We'll start with Trump and his kiss asses, and then we'll go after the wimps who call themselves Democrats. We're not giving up. We're getting angry. And that's where we need to go as a party. Otherwise, we can't even imagine how much worse shit is going to get.

Note two: Today is National Voter Registration Day. We're assuming if you read TBS, you are savvy and hot enough to have already done this. In fact, y'all better already have your voting plans down pat. But just in case,

Note three: Democrats have given more than $160 million to Democratic candidates since RBG died. What a wonderful tribute. More: New York Times

Note four: Is anybody else having a hard time figuring out just how full of shit Mike Bloomberg is or is it just us? More: Washington Post

Note five: We totally missed the Emmys Sunday, but we were so happy to see Schitt's Creek getting love. If you haven't seen it, you should definitely check it out. And let's be honest, there's a voice in the back of all of our heads telling us to be more Canada curious. Just in case.

Note six: The governor of Florida yesterday announced that he wants to make protesting illegal and make killing protesters legal. We have little doubt that a 6-3 Supreme Court ruling will say this is ok, and three Democratic senators say they're concerned but there's nothing they can do. We are seriously so fucking pissed at Feinstein, and we are not letting it go. More: Politico

Note seven: Yesterday, Trump twice accused RBG's granddaughter of lying about her late grandmother's dying wish. Unfortunately, the reporters who cover the president are terrified of him, so they largely ignored this. 

Note eight: Here's what's happening in Kentucky while Mitch is focused on Washington power grabs… More: Lexington Herald-Leader

Note nine: We are never going to stop being furious about Mueller's cowardice. More: Washington Post

Note 10: Ok, that's enough of our bizarre brand of barely controlled rage and profane pep talks for today. The truth is we really don't have any answers. All we know to do is work. Work our fucking asses off to try and fix this goddamn nightmare. And since that's all we got, here's some more Earth, Wind and Fire. We love y'all, and we hope you have a wonderful day. More: YouTube

"That's it."

While campaigning last night, the president of the United States continued to lie about and downplay the virus that has killed 200,000 Americans in just a few short months. "Now we know it affects elderly people… with heart problems and other problems. If they have other problems, that's what it really affects. That's it. In some states, thousands of people… nobody young. Below the age of 18, like, nobody… But it affects virtually nobody." As George Conway pointed out, Trump told Woodward in February that "it's turning out it's not just old older people -- young people too, plenty of young people." Unfortunately, the Washington press corps has decided SCOTUS is the only story they care about. Maybe COVID doesn't have enough "pizazz." We want to leave you with a quote from someone who actually does give a shit: "We can't lose the ability to feel the sorrow and the loss and the anger for so many lives lost. We can't let the numbers become statistics, a background noise, just a blur that we see on the nightly news." Thank you, Joe. More: Washington Post

All over but the shouting

As we mentioned in the first note, The Coward Mitt Romney announced this morning he will vote to move forward on Trump's nominee. In fact, Lindsey Graham was on Fox last night begging for campaign donations and said that Republicans already had the votes. So the Republican-controlled Senate has agreed to confirm a nominee who hasn't been named yet. They really don't care about being remembered as cowards and kiss asses as long as they can line up lucrative lobbying gigs and control a woman's uterus. We really don't have anything positive to say here. This is happening. It's important that we fight it, but go ahead and wrap your heads about this inevitability. More: Politico

"I like Putin."

That's what Trump said yesterday a couple hours after he refused to answer who he thinks poisoned the Russian opposition leader. Yeah, he likes the guy who put bounties on our soldiers. He likes the guy who attacked our democracy. He likes the guy who's still attacking our fucking democracy. It's not just Trump installing a Supreme Court justice. It's Putin too. America is now occupied territory. And the people who should care, don't. If you're looking for a news story about this, good luck. The good news is the CIA knows Russia is helping Trump. The bad news, as we mentioned above, is that nobody gives a fuck. More: Washington Post

Today's clips

As the U.S. approaches the milestone of 200,000 pandemic deaths, the pain repeats: An Ohio boy, too young for words of his own, who plants a kiss on a photo of his dead mother. A New Jersey toddler, months ago the center of a joyous, balloon-filled birthday, now in therapy over the loss of her father. Three siblings who lost both mom and dad, thrusting the oldest child, a 21 year old, into the role of parent to his sisters.
More: Associated Press

Three days before President Trump's first indoor campaign rally during the coronavirus pandemic — at an arena in Tulsa in June — the director of the Tulsa Health Department marveled at the wave of abuse that was cresting in his direction.
More: Washington Post

In the ad, released Monday, a couple lounging on a couch compare notes about Loeffler's conservative record backing President Donald Trump before a khaki-wearing actor remarks: "Yep, she's more conservative than Attila the Hun."
More: AJC

A $1 billion fund Congress gave the Pentagon in March to build up the country's supplies of medical equipment has instead been mostly funneled to defense contractors and used for making things such as jet engine parts, body armor and dress uniforms.
More: Washington Post

On Monday morning, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention edited its Web page describing how the novel coronavirus spreads, removing recently added language saying it was "possible" that it spreads via airborne transmission. It was the third major revision to CDC information or guidelines published since May.
More: Washington Post

Walmart, Amazon and other corporate giants donated money to the reelection campaign of a Tennessee state lawmaker who had used social media to amplify and promote the QAnon conspiracy theory, according to an Associated Press review of campaign finance records and the candidate's posts.
More: Associated Press

In recent weeks, President Donald Trump has boasted about his administration's efforts to produce a safe COVID-19 vaccine while simultaneously declaring that the distribution of that vaccine to the American public would happen "very soon."

But Trump has not seen the vaccine data.
More: The Daily Beast



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