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Happy Friday. There are 53 days until the presidential election. Trump lies about lying, Rudy's Russian buddy gets busted as we learn Russian hackers are back and questions arise about the Trump foe shot by police in Oregon, which is on fire. 

Note: Hey there. How is your day going? Are you reflecting on the horrors that befell us 19 years ago this morning? Are you thinking about how beautiful the weather was that day? Are you thinking about how presidential Joe Biden looked this morning comforting an elderly widow? Or are you remembering when President Assface bragged about having the tallest building in Manhattan? Or lied about helping at Ground Zero? Or took $4 million from the FDNY fund that helps New York firefighters with 9/11 related illnesses? Yeah, that last one is new. There's a link below. We thought about all those things this morning too. And then we thought, man, it's a good thing we publish later in the day because our tone is WAY out of sync with the solemnity of this morning. And then we started thinking about 2002 and afterward, when people started making jokes about how not doing mundane everyday life things were "letting the terrorists win." And then we thought, well, 20 years later, we are divided, we've been in two costly and deadly wars forever and hatred for Muslims has driven part of this country into the arms of a deranged gameshow host. So maybe… Anyway, we're glad you come to us every day to feel better about things and have a laugh. You're welcome for this uplifting opening. More: NY Daily News

Note two: Jeez. Sorry about that. Note one guy was a real fucking bummer today. 

Note three: As John Harwood notes, twice as many Americans are dying from COVID every week as were lost on 9/11. Sorry, it's Note One guy again. 

Note four: Y'all, we don't want to overstate things or be dramatic, but America is a straight up fucking mess right now. Last night, the NFL kicked off. Before the game in Kansas City, players linked arms for a show of unity. There was no anthem playing. There were no protests. And the fans booed. Yeah, so apparently Kansas City is filled with fucking scumbags. And also, Trumpism has really brought out the hate of America's dumb. KC, you've got a really amazing QB. In fact, he's way too good for you people. More: Kansas City Star

Note five: Trump isn't like Winston Churchill. Trump isn't even like Johnny Churchill, Winston's idiot brother who died trying to lick his own butt. Stay orange and carry blorange. More: CNN

Note six: We knew Trump watches a lot of tv, but damn Trump watches a lot of tv. He's our first couch potato president. Normally, we'd find that endearing, but this guy sucks. More: Yahoo News

Note seven: Susan Page should not be hosting a debate. And the whole DC media ecosystem is a swamp unto itself. We swear to you that TBS will never throw a party for some trash Trump appointee. Unless they're going to prison. Then it's a party over here. More: Washington Post

Note eight: Wonder what the Department of Education is doing instead of helping kids go back to school safely? No, they're not helping out college rapists again. This time it's about race, but it's just as stupid and infuriating. More: Politico

Note nine: On 9/11, we recommend you follow Garrett Graff on twitter @vermontgmg. Garrett has written the definitive book on that terrible day, and his reporting is unmatched. More: Politico

Note 10: This is how local news should do it… More: Detroit Free Press

Note 11: Remember during the campaign when that Secret Service chokeslammed a news photographer? Yeah, Secret Service said that's just fine. Don't you feel safe? More: Politico

Note 12: We're getting carried away with the notes again. We hope today isn't too hard for y'all, and we hope you're able to relax a little this weekend. If you're on the West Coast, please be safe. If you know someone on the West Coast, please check in with them. Hell, check in with someone no matter where they live. America is the mouth of Hell right now, and we all need friends. We love y'all. See you Monday.

Large pants on fire

It took way too fucking long, but  White House reporter other than Brian Karem and S.V. Date finally asked Trump why he lied to the American people. And it was Jon Karl! The biggest wimp in the bunch! Trump of course lost his shit, angry at being called a liar he continued to argue that he didn't lie and didn't want to cause a panic. Then he went to Michigan and lied some more, comparing himself to Churchill, which will go over well for people who don't read and don't know shit about history. So it will play well with Trump's dumbfuck base. And the cowardly chickenshit scumbags in the Senate are giving him a complete pass. Oh and if anyone tells you that Trump didn't want to cause a panic, remind them of caravans and Tree of Life. More: CNN, CNN II, Washington Post


Our favorite cousin-banger is back in the news. Rudy's dear friend was sanctioned by Treasury yesterday for fucking his own cousin. No, we're kidding. It was for being a Russian agent and fucking with our elections. But he's the damn source of Rudy's information and Ron Johnson's smear campaign against Joe Biden. So basically there is zero distinction between the Republican Party and the Kremlin these days. No wonder they're welcoming in the Q morons. Their reputation needs the boost. More: The Daily Beast, New York Magazine


The suspected killer of a Trump supporter at a Portland riot was killed by police despite not having a weapon, a witness now says. You might recall Trump tweeting demands that Michael Forest Reinoehl be arrested about 30 minutes after Reinoehl had been killed. Now a witness is describing it as a hit, and given Bill Barr's history, that sounds about right. These are dangerous times, friends. We've gotta save this country. More: Washington Post, Oregon Live

Today's clips

White House officials say U.S. hospitals have all the medical supplies needed to battle the deadly virus, but front-line health care workers, hospital officials and even the Food and Drug Administration say shortages persist. Critical shortfalls of medical N95 respirators, commonly referred to as N95 masks, and other protective gear started in March, when the pandemic hit New York. Pressure on the medical supply chain continues today, and in "many ways things have only gotten worse," the American Medical Association's president, Dr. Susan Bailey, said in a recent statement.
More: Associated Press

Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health, said Thursday he was "pretty puzzled" and "rather disheartened" by President Donald Trump's crowded campaign rally in Michigan — at which few of the several thousand attendees could be seen wearing face masks and virtually none appeared to be practicing social distancing.
More: Politico

The Ukraine state-owned natural gas company caught up in President Donald Trump's impeachment investigation has appointed a U.S. businessman pushed by former Energy Secretary Rick Perry to its board, two people with direct knowledge of the decision told POLITICO on Thursday.
More: Politico

One month into the forced reopening of Florida's schools, dozens of classrooms — along with some entire schools — have been temporarily shuttered because of coronavirus outbreaks, and infections among school-age children have jumped 34 percent. But parents in many parts of the state don't know if outbreaks of the virus are related to their own schools because the state ordered some counties to keep health data secret.
More: Washington Post

President Donald Trump bragged that he protected Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman from congressional scrutiny after the brutal assassination of the American journalist Jamal Khashoggi.
More: Business Insider

A group of 78 researchers and doctors from Stanford Medical School took aim this week at Dr. Scott Atlas, the expert President Donald Trumprecently added to the White House pandemic response task force, for embracing and peddling what they described as "falsehoods and misrepresentations of science" in his public musings about the coronavirus.
More: ABC News

Trump campaign aides are weighing another event on White House grounds around Election Day, despite criticism over the venue's use as a political prop during the Republican convention.
More: NBC News

A new ad released by President Donald Trump's reelection campaign that looked to capitalize on the August jobs report to portray the country as being in the middle of a "great American comeback" features foreign stock footage.
More: ABC News



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