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It's Thursday. There are 54 days until the presidential election. Trump gets busted lying about COVID, DHS covered up for Russia and Trump demands schools open as teachers die.

Note: Well hey there beautiful patriots. How in the heck are you? Really? That's fantastic. But you know the world is a burning hellscape, right? Oh, we see. You're just naturally optimistic. And maybe a little drunk. We kid because we love you. And if you're drinking in the morning these days we can't really fault you. Besides, TBS is a judgment-free zone unless you're a scumbag Republican. No, around here we believe in letting it all hang out. Especially when it comes to voting. That's why we want to introduce you to new TBS hero. We don't know her name, but we do know that when the local heavy told her she couldn't vote with an anti-Trump shirt on, she took it off and voted topless. This is a real thing that happened in New Hampshire. We are instant fans. If boobs out is what we have to do to get the boobs out of office, then we're down. But the larger point is don't let anyone on this fucking planet stop you from voting. Not all heroes wear capes. Or shirts. Whomever you are, Mystery Voter, we stan. And now we're seriously toying with showing up to vote Donald Duck style. More: The Portsmouth Herald

Note two: Shirt, no pants for those wondering.

Note three: Sounds like Michelle Bachmann found a cool party. Why weren't we invited? More: NBC News

Note four: It's definitely worth asking if Bob Woodward should've sat on what he knew for so long. Here's Margaret Sullivan doing a great job of looking at the question… More: Washington Post

Note five: So Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron, who was one of the toads Trump said is on his SCOTUS list, is going to take Breonna Taylor's case to a grand jury. While this sounds like a positive development, we don't think it is. We think Cameron will whitewash the case behind closed doors, and then when the jury doesn't return any indictments, Cameron will claim he tried. It's a lot like the new FBI investigation for Kavanaugh that McConnell allowed during confirmation. Cameron is a Mitch protege and a fast rising star in the GOP. He won't do anything that he thinks will hurt him with cops. So he'll do everything he can to look like he cares while making sure nothing happens. Like we said, it's just a theory. But it sounds pretty fucking plausible, right? More: CNN

Note six: These Trump assholes love to party with our money. Remember when Republicans pretended to care about shit like this? More: Politico

Note seven: Want to freak out? More: Politico

Note eight: Last night on MSNBC, WaPo's Robert Costa said Trump might be telling the truth about not wanting to cause a panic because "we can't know what's in his heart." Journalists are still doing this stupid shit, huh? 190,000 dead Americans, and they can't switch out of pathetic kiss ass mode. Hard to believe this is the lightweight they chose to follow Gwen Ifill.

Note nine: Need a laugh? More: AZCentral

Note 10: So Trump wants to put Tom Cotton or Ted Cruz on the Supreme Court. Y'all got a plan to vote? More: Politico

Note 11: Ok, kiddos, that should do it for the notes today. Oh fuck it, Pence is going to an event with QAnon people. So he can hang with deranged nutjobs, but not women who aren't his wife. Sounds like dude's priorities are a goddamn mess.

Note 12: Ok, now we're really done with the notes. We promise. We hope this short week hasn't been too much of a pain in the ass for you. Y'all are so amazing, and we are damn grateful you joined us today. Hang in there. Love y'all.

Lying POS

We knew all along, but now we know. Trump lied to us about COVID, and people died. He knew it was deadly, he knew it was contagious and he knew it was airborne. But he kept saying it was just like the flu, he kept attacking masks and social distancing and he kept holding rallies. And there are tapes. And almost 200,000 Americans are dead. In a normal world, this would be the end of Trump. But right-wing nutjobs were busy making excuses for him last night, and gullible MSM reporters will literally believe anything this asshole says, so who knows? And it's not just the COVID stuff that is shocking. The Kim Jong Un stuff, the Russian malware in Florida counties stuff and Trump letting slip that he's built some kind of new secret nuclear weapons system. Thanks, Bob, for holding onto all of this stuff. More: CNN, Washington Post, The Daily Beast, Axios

More lies

A new DHS whistleblower says officials were told to scrub intel reports and leave out anything about Russian attacks on our democracy and to downplay the threats posed by white supremacists. Yep, Russians and racists. Trump's base. Our intel community has now been thoroughly destroyed, and there is just zero way to believe anything they say. Former DNI Dan Coats, who is in the Woodward book just sure the Russians have something on Trump, is calling for the practice of Congress receiving intel to resume. But nobody listens to Coats, and Congress is just too weak to do anything meaningful. They keep doing this shit because they keep getting away with it. More: Washington Post, Washington Post II, CNN


This morning, Trump was on twitter demanding that schools open or they don't get any funding. So here's a story about how teachers are dying from COVID in places where schools have opened. Who do we think cares less about this horrifying story? Trump or the reporters who cover him? RIP to these brave educators. We're sorry our country doesn't value you or what you do. You deserve so, so much better.
More: Associated Press, Associated Press II

Today's clips

A Trump administration appointee at the Department of Health and Human Services is trying to prevent Anthony Fauci, the government's top infectious disease expert, from speaking about the risks that coronavirus poses to children.
More: Politico

Attorney General William Barr on Wednesday defended the Justice Department's move to intervene in a defamation suit brought by a writer who claims President Donald Trump raped her in a department store dressing room 25 years ago, calling the move a "normal application" of a statute known as the Westfall Act.
More: Politico

Intelligence officials have long been warning that Russian agents will inevitably try to interfere in the 2020 campaign—now some appear to have been caught targeting a key Biden campaign firm.
More: The Daily Beast

About six in 10 registered voters nationwide say they want to cast their ballots before Election Day, a significant departure from previous years that will force the candidates to reshape how they campaign in the election season's final weeks, according to a Washington Post-University of Maryland poll conducted by Ipsos.
More: Washington Post



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