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Today's Big Stuff


It's Tuesday. There are 91 days until the presidential election. A new interview reveals just how screwed we really are, the president is involved in yet another criminal investigation and Trump again lies about the virus "receding."

Note: We got off to a late start this morning. We had to watch that Axios interview with Trump twice. Then we thought we'd dry the tears streaming down our faces by hitting each other in the faces with wiffle ball bats. Hard to say if it worked, but we're not crying anymore. In fact, we can't feel a damn thing from the neck up. So just be warned before you watch that thing, which you should definitely do. Especially if you're a television reporter. You've just been pantsed in front of the whole world by an Aussie reporter who two years ago was publicly kissing Jeff Sessions's ass until his lips bled. Swan is the first reporter aside from Chris Wallace to not just take Trump's idiotic dishonest non-answers with a nod and instead ask real, challenging follow-ups. It's so embarrassing for Trump, or it would be if he had any human feelings. But it's especially embarrassing for the other journalists who have interviewed Trump. So if you're a tv reporter, make sure you watch this thing and take notes. And for good measure, hit yourself in the face with a wiffle ball bat. More: Axios

Note two: We obviously like the jokes and the funny and the irreverent, so please just give us one moment while we get super serious. Yesterday we really messed up. It was the anniversary of the El Paso massacre, and we failed to mention it. We are sorry, and we regret the egregious omission. The racist attack on Latinos should have received more attention on its one-year anniversary, and we are embarrassed that we were among those who missed it. We promise we will do better. We love you, El Paso, and our heart still hurts for you. More: NBC News

Note three: Admit it. After reading the second note, you kinda wanna hit us in the face with a wiffle ball bat too. It's cool. We might have it coming this time.

Note four: Y'all, we found a new religion. From now on, we're all about Gigolo Jerry aka Yacht Falwell aka The Pool Boy's Pool Boy. More: HuffPost

Note five: If you really want to freak out about what's happening at HHS, read this shocking story. We'll warn you that it is pretty upsetting. More: Buzzfeed News

Note six: We're at a point in America, where a soft-handed spoiled-rotten effete douchebag goes on television every night and spews hateful racist rhetoric against his fellow Americans, and it's one of the most-watched shows on television. More: The Daily Beast

Note seven: TBS is unable to get married. Partly because of weird rules in the House of Gigolo Jerry, but mostly because we're just a newsletter, and as far as we know, newsletters don't marry though we've heard some really fucked up shit about Politico Playbook messing up Brad and Angelina's whole thing but we don't get into that here. All that said, if newsletters did get married, we'd definitely want to marry this not-at-all insane winner right here. Where does Trump find these trashy idiots?! At the trashy idiot store?! More: Politico, NBC News

Note eight: Speaking of marriage, George Conway has shit taste in spouses, but he got some stuff right here. More: Washington Post

Note nine: Happy birthday, President Obama! We miss your cool, compassion, competence and the fact that you didn't fuck around and let 160,000 of us die from a preventable death. 

Note 10: So are you kicking some ass to make sure we have a new president in January? Of course you are. But if you want to let us know what you're doing to make a difference, hit reply and let us know. Maybe it's something we can share with others. We hope y'all have a magical Tuesday. Love to you from TBS.

Note 11: Shit! The Yo-semite thing happened as we were putting TBS to bed. We'll get to it tomorrow. 

What the hell was that?

So let's talk about the Axios interview. Let's talk about Trump AGAIN wishing Maxwell best wishes. Let's talk about dipshit not giving John Lewis what he is due. Let's talk about Trump saying the Civil Rights Act hasn't worked out, and he's done more for Black people than Lyndon Johnson did. Let's talk about how he hopes that Black people aren't treated differently than white people by police. Let's go back to Maxwell for a second. He said he didn't know she was arrested on allegations of child sex trafficking, but then he says he doesn't want her to die in jail like "her boyfriend." Ummmm. The whole thing is just jaw-dropping. This man should have to inform his neighbors when he moves into a new house and stay at least 50 feet away from all schools and pageants. Hopefully this will inspire other reporters to finally get tough with Trump instead of just nodding and tweeting as he lies to the nation.

Sigh Cy

We really don't know what to think of Cy Vance. It sure as hell seems like he's as crooked as the day is long, and he's all too happy to let his campaign donors skate in the past. Ya know, people like Jared and Ivanka. But yesterday, as Vance continued to try and get Trump's tax returns despite a SCOTUS ruling that really should've ended this by now, the DA let slip that the request is part of an investigation into criminal activity by the Trump Organization. Yeah, we know that slippery orange fuck has been getting away with so much shit, it's hard to believe this one might be different. But it's nice to see someone is still trying. More: Associated Press

"It is what it is."

We saved the COVID part of Trump's Axios interview for its own section. After claiming again to have the virus under control, Swan asked Trump how that can be when the U.S. is losing 1,000 people a day. "They are dying. That's true. And it is what it is." On top of all the things in that interview, the COVID exchanges reveal just how clueless or delusional Trump is about what's happening in this country right now. Yesterday, Trump even claimed that the virus is "receding." It's why you've got idiots like Ron Johnson calling the media's pandemic coverage "panic porn" and saying that the virus is just a little worse than the flu. But people are dying. And even these fucking assholes can't ignore that forever. More: Washington Post, The Daily Beast

Today's clips

A top House Democrat has subpoenaed four senior aides to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, accusing them of resisting interviews in an investigation of President Donald Trump's firing of State Department Inspector General Steve Linick.
More: Politico

A member of the press who covered President Donald Trump's trip to the Tampa Bay area Friday has tested positive for the coronavirus, according to the White House Correspondents' Association.

The Marine Corps on Monday mourned the loss of eight Marines and a sailor who died in a mishap in which their floating armored vehicle took on water and sunk on Thursday evening off the coast of California in the deadliest incident at sea for the service in years.
More: Washington Post

For well over a year, Project Veritas has been secretly producing undercover stings designed to undermine the integrity of absentee and mail-in ballot counts—an endeavor codenamed "Diamond Dog," according to documents we have obtained. Diamond Dog began as only one facet of Project Veritas's 2020 rat-fucking strategy, but with the onset of the pandemic, which has made in-person voting a dicey proposition, it has since become one of the group's top-line action items.
More: New Republic

The federal judge whose son was killed and whose husband was shot at their New Jersey home last month revealed her son's final moments in her first public comments about the shooting.
More: CNN

Land's departure was big news at Liberty, where a year before he'd been the highest-rated football recruit to ever sign with the school. His teammate, roommate, and close friend, Kei'Trel "Tre" Clark, who was also in the math class, decided to transfer as well, saying, "due to the cultural [incompetency] within multiple levels of leadership, it does not line up with my code of ethics." On July 17, a third Black teammate announced plans to leave but didn't specify why.
More: Slate

President Trump said Monday that TikTok will be shut down in the U.S. if it hasn't been bought by Microsoft or another company by Sept. 15, and argued — without elaborating — that the U.S. Treasury should get "a very substantial portion" of the sale fee.
More: Axios

Democratic senators say the US intelligence community still needs to share more with the public about foreign efforts to interfere in the US presidential election after top Trump administration election security officials provided a classified briefing to lawmakers Monday.
More: CNN

President Trump further disparaged his senior health advisers on Monday even as the pandemic deepened its hold on the nation, as the White House's top coronaviruscoordinator, Deborah Birx, joined Anthony S. Fauci and other scientists on the receiving end of the president's ire.
More: Washington Post

At least two people with links to Kanye West's nascent presidential campaign are also active in Republican Party politics.
More: New York Magazine

The Census Bureau is ending efforts to count the country's population on Sept. 30 — a month sooner than planned — the bureau's director announced Monday.
More: LA Times

President Donald Trump is selling fear in America's suburbs. But outside Philadelphia, even some Republicans don't think voters are buying it.
More: The Philadelphia Inquirer

Fewer than a third of Americans say they trust what President Donald Trump has said about the coronavirus pandemic, new polling shows, while a majority of the public trusts the messaging from the country's leading health experts.
More: NBC News



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