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Today's Big Stuff


Happy Friday. There are 74 days until the presidential election. DeJoy lies to the Senate, Trump says he's sending poll watchers on Election Day and America hears from its next president.

Note: Whole. Lee. Shit. What a night! What a day! What a week! We woke up yesterday to see Bannon in cuffs and we went to bed fired up and ready to go for Joltin' Joe. We can't even remember the last time America had that good of a day. But this convention has gone a long way toward helping us remember what we can be if we just step up and take it. What we saw this week were values that used to make this country a superpower: compassion, intelligence, courage, honesty, decency. What we're gonna see next week is Tim Scott telling us there's no way the birther shitbag is a racist followed by two portly and pasty St. Louis assholes who like to point guns at Black people who march for equality. Give us Brayden Harrington every day of the week over that little shit with the red hat who sued all those news organizations. It can be damn frustrating to be a Democrat. We're constantly starting from bad faith GOP talking points, we often fail to fight back even when we're getting punched and all too often we hide from our ideals because we worry about votes. But not this week. No, this week we were everything we want this party to be. And we are damn proud to call ourselves Democrats. Thank you to all of the convention organizers who put together a helluva show under some very unusual circumstances. We really could not have hoped for or asked for anything more. Except maybe Bloomberg getting lost on the way to his speech. But you can't win 'em all.

Note two: Between Bannon and this dirtbag, boats are turning out to be a real issue for these guys. Even if they are proof of a coming electoral landslide for a dimwitted orange jackass. More: Politico

Note three: Mike Lee seems like a really cool guy... Deseret News

Note four: Gretchen Whitmer's "shark week, motherfucker" moment keeps getting better... More: Buzzfeed News

Note five: We're big Marvin Gaye fans around here, and we came across this really cool story you might enjoy if you are too… More: The Undefeated

Note six: Playboy's Brian Karem is one of the few White House reporters who has had the guts since the beginning of this nightmare to ask the hard questions that we desperately need our White House reporters to ask. The White House even tried to have him kicked out. And now the White House Correspondents Association is taking cheap shots at him and accusing him of not taking COVID seriously. What a goddamn joke. Brian, we at TBS are grateful that you have continued to fight for truth in a place where it has gone extinct. When this is all over, you'll know that you did everything you could to protect our democracy. Few of your colleagues will be able to say the same. More: Washington Post

Note seven: There's some interesting impeachment backstory here… More: Washington Post

Note eight: We told y'all Susan B. Anthony told Trump to fuck off… More: NPR

Note nine: We link to WaPo a lot. We've considered them the gold standard of newspapers in Trumpland, and we don't want people to have to pay for a lot of subscriptions to be able to enjoy this newsletter. So were crushed yesterday to see they had literally sold out their website to the Trump campaign. Disgusting. We'll keep linking to them. But we'll never look at them the same way again. More: Fast Company

Note 10: No Kanye in Wisconsin. That's too bad, but we'll get over it. And we're over it. (Update: He also ain't getting on the ballot in Ohio) More: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Note 11: Stormy was right… More: Washington Post

Note 12: These notes are really getting out of hand. But we're going into a weekend, and we just have so much to share. We hope y'all enjoyed the convention as much as we did. What was your favorite part? Now comes the work part. We've got to give this everything we've got. Make a plan to vote, and then start helping others make their plans. We love y'all. And we know y'all love this country. So let's kick some ass and start making it the place we know it can be. And since we're already thinking about Marvin Gaye, here he is singing the national anthem at the 1983 NBA all-star game (This is not a slight to the Chicks who sang it last night and absolutely killed. We're just in a MG kinda mood.) Have a great weekend, and be safe! More: YouTube

DeJoy DeScumbag

Sweaty Trumpling Louis DeJoy, the man tasked with destroying the post office so we can't vote by mail, spent the morning lying to a Senate committee about the damage he has done. They're the kind of lies that might come back to haunt a man if there's a different Senate and a different AG. It has actually been a pretty embarrassing spectacle. Pillar of courage Mitt Romney brought lame ass jokes, Republicans claimed a conspiracy theory and Kamala wasn't there to make DeJoy cry because she got some new gig. This comes after a former postal governor testified yesterday that much of what DeJoy has done -- and how he was hired -- were unusual. DeJoy has made a lot of promises today. We don't believe any of them. Make. A. Plan. More: CNN, New York Times

He said what?!

Endorsing Q wasn't the most horrifying thing our evil idiot president said this week. Last night, while we were basking in Joe's goodness and the possibility of a better future, the trashy tangerine was on Hannity telling Michael Cohen's other client how he plans to send sheriffs to polling places on Election Day. This is obviously pretty alarming. "We're going to have sheriffs, and we're going to have law enforcement, and we're going to have, hopefully, US attorneys, and we're going to have everybody and attorney generals," he said. These assholes are already recruiting 50,000 "poll watchers," and it's obvious their plan is to try and intimidate people and suppress the vote. Well, we've got some bad news for these fucking assholes. WE WON'T BE INTIMIDATED! You think you can scare us? We're living through a pandemic with a game show host for a president. Fear is on the breakfast menu. More: CNN

Night Four

We're still fucking giddy from what we saw last night. First of all, Joe was at an all-time best. Could not have been any better. "May history be able to say that the end of this chapter of American darkness began here tonight." Hell yes! Y'all, by the time he finished, we were totally geeked, standing up in our living rooms and yelling generic patriotic things at the tv. And it wasn't just Joe. Let us be the latest to stand in awe of Brayden Harrington's courge, and Biden's compassion. He gave the kid a book of poems by Yeats! Who does that?! Steph and Ayesha Curry (and their kids!) were amazing. Sarah Cooper blew the doors off per usual. Having Joe's kids there was important. And having Beau introduce him had us bawling. But maybe the most important part of the whole night was the time Joe set aside to speak directly to people who are grieving what or who they've lost during this pandemic. We needed that. America needed that. Thank you, Joe. Now let's put this decent man and that badass woman in the White House! More: Washington Post, Washington Post II, Axios

Today's clips

In early May 2018, after weeks of phone calls and private meetings, 11 of the president's most senior advisers were called to the White House Situation Room, where they were asked, by a show-of-hands vote, to decide the fate of thousands of migrant parents and their children, according to two officials who were there.
More: NBC News

Two top Senate Democrats are opening their own investigation of the U.S. Postal Service, aiming to explore whether changes to mail processing and delivery have prevented seniors, veterans and other patients from receiving their prescription drugs on time.
More: Washington Post

A study published Thursday found that children may play a larger role in the spread of COVID-19 than previously realized, intensifying concerns as schools grapple with whether to reopen.
More: Axios

After New York federal prosecutors indicted President Donald Trump's former campaign CEO and White House chief strategist Steve Bannon, along with three others in an alleged scheme to defraud donors in a border wall fundraising campaign, the President claimed that he did not know people involved in the project.
More: CNN

A prominent Washington-based conservative advocacy organization is promoting a deceptive digital ad campaign that is stoking fears about mail-in voting and targeting battleground states with high concentrations of minority voters.
More: Washington Post

Alexei Navalny holds the audacious belief that Russians should be able to choose their leaders in free, fair and competitive elections. That's why he tried to run for president in 2018, but was denied a place on the ballot.
More: Washington Post

President Trump's campaign, the Republican Party and two affiliated committees, have spent more than $1 billion since 2017, a record-breaking sum spent toward a reelection effort at this point in the presidential campaign, new filings show.
More: Washington Post

The Manhattan District Attorney's office fought Thursday to reinstate the indictment against President Donald Trump's former campaign chairman Paul Manafort, according to court documents filed in the case.
More: ABC News

Two months ago, Attorney General William P. Barr launched a hasty, questionable and haphazard effort to get rid of U.S. Attorney Geoffrey S. Berman at the Southern District of New York and install a new acting head of his office. Critics suggested it was a thinly veiled effort to get rid of the man whose office investigated allies of President Trump, including Rudolph W. Giuliani — the latest in heavy-handed and seemingly political actions by Barr to protect Trump.
More: Washington Post

Hours before former vice president Joe Biden accepts the Democratic presidential nomination, President Trump held a rally in this key swing state where he took aim at his rival's record and accused him of having "abandoned" Pennsylvania — even though Biden was only 10 when his family moved to Delaware for his father's job.
More: Washington Post





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