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Business Report: Apple terminates ‘Fortnite’ maker’s App Store developer account

August 29, 2020 - TikTok's parent ByteDance reportedly preparing to shut down app if it's not sold
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Apple terminates 'Fortnite' maker's App Store developer account
In a major blow to maker of "Fortnite", Apple has terminated the developer account of Epic Games, yanking all of the company's titles from its App Store. The move comes…
TikTok's parent ByteDance reportedly preparing to shut down app if it's not sold
TikTok's parent company is getting ready to shut down its American operations in the event that...
Boeing CEO pledges a 20 percent increase in black employees
Boeing is seeking to increase black US employees throughout the company by 20 percent and mandate...
Goya family furious over CEO Robert Unanue's latest Trump plans
Members of the family that owns Goya Foods went ballistic this week when they discovered CEO...
Mark Zuckerberg slams Apple's App Store 'monopoly' in leaked comments
Mark Zuckerberg poured gasoline on his simmering feud with Apple on Friday, slamming the company's "stranglehold"...
Boeing grounds several 787 jets due to manufacturing defect
Boeing has found manufacturing defects on some of its 787 long-range airliners in areas where parts...
TikTok influencers fear taking 'big hit' amid Trump app ban
In a luxury mansion in the Hollywood Hills, young TikTok influencers bounced around on a bright...
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