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2020 Brands Shopping Week: Top brands | Beauty & Health

2020 Brands Shopping Week: Top brands | Beauty & Health

BREYLEE Official Store -BREYLEE allows every woman to have her own beauty. Though time goes by, beauty is the eternal pursuit and lifelong career of women. True beauty is not just the external decoration. It is a beauty that radiates from the inside out, no matter what their ethnic background or age is. With a strong development team and state-of-the-art technology, BREYLEE brings the long-lasting beauty and confidence to women around the world, improves skin conditions, and restores skin beauty, making you youthful and radiant.

MABOX Direct Store

HANAJIRUSHI Official Store - HANAJIRUSHI is a skincare and make-up brand registered in Japan in 2008.HANAJIRUSHI means the impression of flower and the spirit of flower in Japanese. Slogan of HANAJIRUSHI: Beauty Forgets No One!

MeiYanQiong Official Store -MeiYanqiong is a brand from the East, extracting the essence of nature, combining modern technology, extracting the essence, working to improve the skin of women's friends, increase skin elasticity, and be younger. It is your best choice.

QSHAVE Official Store -QSHAVE is dedicated to the considerate daily life quality and convenience. We are more than happy to provide you a quality shave with maximum enjoyment in the most convenient and cost effective way. With world class blades made in a company of more than 140-year history, and the ergonomic handle from a premium quality handle producer who makes handles for world top 3 brands, Qshave will provide you an amazing shaving experience with comfort and relaxation.

Hailicare Official Store - Hailicare is dedicated to providing you good products in beauty and personal care, with an exciting and carefully developed range that brings your favorite treatments right into your home. Our efficient production process is based on traditional technique and truly authentic skilled craftsmen continue to support this.

VIBRANT GLAMOUR Official Store - Created in 2017, VIBRANT GLAMOUR features a natural skin care brand. 100% natural extraction makes your skin tender and smooth like an infant. Let it be pure, let it be beautiful. About VIBRANT GLAMOUR. Among the total 700000 hours throughout your life, the skin can stay in good condition for only 180000 hours. Therefore, you have to find a way to keep your skin fresh and young. VIBARANT GLAMOUR is worth having to keep your skin flawless all the way.

jinkairui Official Store - At Jinkairui, our mission is to provide affordable, comfortable and reliable massage products that utilize modern technologies and support healthier lifestyles. We focus on traditional and contemporary therapy options that maximize customer health and well-being.

YOSYO Official Store - YOSYO has been working hard and innovating We are a professional sports and fitness brand. We offer a full range of commercial and home sports and fitness products and massage equipment. Welcome customers from all over the world to cooperate with us. We will provide you with the most advanced products and services.

LANBENA Official Store - LANBENA is committed to solving different skin problems for women of all ages. We have always been adhering to the strict selection criteria of raw materials, constantly exploring the natural beauty of the Skin, combined with the strength of a strong scientific research and development team, each product is meticulously dedicated to serving every woman who loves beauty.

Brainbow Official Store: Brainbow,Do Small Beauty Tools ,Bring You Great Beauty. Brainbow is New Brand ,Since 2014 ,Means Beauty Rainbow. Items Including Nail Tools,Face Skin Care Tools,Hair Styling Tools,Eyes Tools and some Accessories. Kinds of Small Tools ,Looks Like Rainbow ,Make you Happy,Bring you Natural Beauty. Pro Charming Beuaty from Small Tools,Brainbow is your Beauty Assistant.

COCOLILI Official Store

RtopR Official Store: RtopR - Lead the trend and serve women around the world. Bring beauty to every woman.Brand commitment Integrates the pure essence of natural plants into high-end products, Continuous research and development and innovation of new products, comprehensive care for women's skin,restore skin elasticity, let you rejuvenate.Is your best skin mate!

BOMBOMDA Official Store: BOMBOMDA brand was founded in 2007. The brand was originally created in order to give more women to provide healthy and beautiful sex toys, which prompted them to stay away from the physical disease problems. After 10 years of gradual development, today's BOMBOMDA, has become the industry leader in the interest, its products up to more than 500 species, covering all the fun type of toys. BOMBOMDA products are chic design, environmental protection materials and powerful practical function of the famous products at home and abroad many times in the creative design competition award.

Anlan Official Store

my 9colors Official Store

UCANBE Official Store

XPREEN Official Store