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Post Opinion: What it’s going to take to reverse New York City’s crime spike

July 7, 2020 - Key NYC services are stuck in the 1950s — and everyone pays the price
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Bob McManus
What it's going to take to reverse New York City's crime spike
You say you didn't like stop-and-frisk? Well, how do you like duck-and-cover? Stop-and-frisk was a front-line NYPD safe-streets policy for two decades. So was broken-windows policing. As were the flying…
Eric Kober
Key NYC services are stuck in the 1950s — and everyone pays the price
Would you pay hundreds of dollars for a 1950s Western Electric ­rotary phone when your neighbors...
John Ziegler
Media is obsessed with COVID cases, but death rate is what is important
John Ziegler is senior columnist for Mediaite, from which this column was adapted. The most dangerous...
Libby Emmons
Central Park 'Karen' busted – but she's suffered enough
She lost her job, her reputation, and now, perhaps, her freedom. When will society be satisfied...
Rich Lowry
Critics of Trump's 4th of July speech are hating on patriotism itself
If nothing else, President Trump's July 4 speech at Mount Rushmore clarified the battle lines of...
Mayor de Blasio, do something about the deaths in our streets
Thirty years ago, The Post called on Mayor David Dinkins to do something about soaring violent...
An obscene assault on Frederick Douglass
Even after toppling monuments to George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, the statue-smashers managed to reach a...
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