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Post Opinion: Teaching hate under the guise of ‘inclusion’ — in the US Army

July 17, 2020 - The lunatic drive for racial quotas for COVID-19 vaccines
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Hans Von Spakovsky
Teaching hate under the guise of 'inclusion' — in the US Army
Members of the military, uniformed and civilian, are strictly prohibited from engaging in overt political activities. Those rules exist to keep them focused on their mission — defending the nation….
Betsy McCaughey
The lunatic drive for racial quotas for COVID-19 vaccines
At least two COVID-19 vaccines are scoring major successes in trials. That means a vaccine might...
Christopher F. Rufo
Obscene federal 'diversity training' scam prospers — even under Trump
Critical race theory — the far-left academic discourse centered on the concepts of "whiteness," "white fragility"...
Vladimir Putin's latest slimy outrage: Trying to steal COVID-19 research
Vladimir Putin's hackers are at it again — this time trying to steal Western coronavirus research....
The MTA's finances are in free-fall — even if Uncle Sam helps out
Even if the MTA gets the new federal bailout it's hoping for, it's going to have...
NYPD-bashing ideologues just don't care about reality
Every day makes it more obvious that facts just don't matter to the cop-bashers and the...
Trump's bid for suburban moms and other commentary
Education beat: Don's Bid for Suburban Moms At the Washington Examiner, Bethany Mandel notes how liberal...
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