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Post Opinion: Ghislaine Maxwell needs to spare the ‘poor little rich girl’ act

July 6, 2020 - Rushmore was Trump at his best: Devine
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Maureen Callahan
Ghislaine Maxwell needs to spare the 'poor little rich girl' act
What are we thinking for props? A walker, à la Harvey? A cane like Cosby? Since Ghislaine Maxwell so clearly adores older men who rape and predate, it seems logical…
Miranda Devine
Rushmore was Trump at his best: Devine
He's back! President Trump's brilliant Mount Rushmore speech Friday laid out a winning campaign theme to...
Republicans need to unite in defense of America's culture
Today's Republican Party is lost. There is no clear mission driving the GOP. Some Republicans may...
Nicole Gelinas
As private sector bleeds, NYC government has barely even begun belt tightening
Crisis, what crisis? You don't have to look at the numbers behind the city's new, $92...
New York's Republican Party needs to be ready for Democrats to screw up
New York's Republican Party is reduced to hoping Democrats screw up so badly that voters give...
What new NYC budget does under cover of 'defunding the NYPD'
It seems the City Council's move to defund the NYPD also managed to shield a particularly...
Karl Salzmann
Rip Van Winkle: reopening in one Long Island town
In the classic Washington Irving short story, the character Rip Van Winkle falls asleep for 20...
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