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Coronavirus Daily Update: Mouth lesions could be a new coronavirus symptom, study says

July 21, 2020 - US coronavirus infections more than 10 times higher than reported, CDC says
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Mouth lesions could be a new coronavirus symptom, study says
Coronavirus patients may develop rash-like lesions inside their mouths, a small Spanish study recently concluded. Researchers involved in the study, published last week in...
US coronavirus infections more than 10 times higher than reported, CDC says
The coronavirus may be an even bigger problem than previously thought. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published a new study that found...
Coronavirus has inspired more people to spend their money on small businesses
Seven in 10 Americans have experienced a wake-up call to avoid big corporations and shop small during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to new research....
Fauci pushes back on Trump's COVID-19 criticism: I'm a 'realist'
Dr. Anthony Fauci pushed back at President Trump's characterization of him as "a little bit of an alarmist" about the coronavirus, saying he prefers...
Success Academy delays reopening after being denied access to buildings
Success Academy planned to begin some in-school instruction Aug. 20, with a staggered schedule that would have students alternating between remote and campus teaching....
Connecticut lab finds 90 positive COVID-19 tests were false: report
Nearly a hundred people in Connecticut who received positive coronavirus tests didn't actually have the disease, reports said. A total of 90 out of...
Two Chinese hackers charged with trying to steal COVID-19 vaccine research
Two Chinese hackers have been charged with attempting to steal coronavirus vaccine research from government agencies and private companies, the Department of Justice announced...
Walmart announces it will close all stores for Thanksgiving Day
Walmart said it will close all of its stores on Thanksgiving Day — a big pivot from its usual practice of kicking off Black...
Man kicked out of Wisconsin store after using his shirt as a 'mask'
This bellyacher was no match for workers at a Wisconsin store who kicked him out after he pulled his shirt over his face –...
Strip clubs slammed by US restrictions on COVID-19 loans
Strip clubs across the US closed earlier this year in the face of COVID-19 social-distancing measures that precluded the up-close nature of the exotic...
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