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Coronavirus Daily Update: Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp bans cities, counties from mandating masks

July 16, 2020 - Unemployment increase set to end as jobless claims climb
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Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp bans cities, counties from mandating masks
Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp has banned cities and counties in his state from requiring people to wear masks in public places to prevent the...
Unemployment increase set to end as jobless claims climb
Republicans including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell oppose extending the boost — though there are hints of a potential compromise.
Tennessee doctor gets coronavirus at meeting about controlling its spread
Dr. Daniel Lewis, the chief medical officer for Greeneville Community Hospital, said he gathered with a small group of colleagues in mid-March about protocols...
Cuomo uncertain of coronavirus reopening plans for Met, other museums
ALBANY — Gov. Andrew Cuomo threw cold water on hopes that museums and other cultural institutions — like the Metropolitan Museum of Art —...
Russian-backed hackers trying to steal coronavirus vaccine research
The cyber attacks are an effort to steal intellectual property rather than disrupt research, using a variety of tactics, including spear-phishing and malware.
Florida man in viral Costco incident says he gets 'claustrophobic' wearing a mask
The Florida Costco shopper who went ballistic after an elderly woman asked him to put on a face mask said he refused because he's...
GOP will limit attendance at Republican convention amid coronavirus
The Republican National Committee will sharply restrict attendance on three of the four nights of its convention in Jacksonville next month as coronavirus cases...
Pandemic street style: Fashionable face masks worn by New Yorkers
Leave it to New Yorkers to make public safety look stylish.
Nom Wah, Chinatown's oldest eatery, used frozen dumplings to offset pandemic struggles
COVID-19 forced Nom Wah Tea Parlor to chart a new course through its 100th year in business — and it leads straight to your...
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