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Reuters Health Report: Fourth Ebola case found in Congo city, raising fears of faster spread Newsletter

Fourth Ebola case found in Congo city, raising fears of faster spread

A fourth case of Ebola has been confirmed in the eastern Congo city of Goma, the government said late on Thursday, as the disease spreads in a city of more than 1 million people.

Bangladesh struggles with worst outbreak of dengue fever

Bangladesh is grappling with its worst outbreak of dengue fever, with hospitals packed with patients as the disease spreads rapidly in the densely-populated country.

For some surgeries, hospital rankings not tied to better outcomes

(Reuters Health) - When it comes to common gastrointestinal operations, such as weight loss surgery, a U.S. hospital's ranking may not equate with better outcomes, a new study suggests.

Men know less than women about daily calorie needs

(Reuters Health) - Men are almost four times as likely as women to have a poor grasp of how many calories they need to consume daily for their age and activity level, a U.S. study suggests.

Pandemic bonds face scrutiny after Ebola outbreak yet to trigger payout

World Bank funding instruments issued to help emerging countries swiftly tackle pandemics have come under the spotlight after the latest deadly Ebola outbreak has yet to trigger a payout.

Rwanda border with Ebola-hit Congo fully open after slowdowns: minister

Rwanda's border with Ebola-hit Democratic Republic of Congo was fully open late on Thursday, a minister said, hours after Congolese traders had reported it shut following a third case of the disease in the Congolese border city of Goma.

Hairdressers are willing to help customers detect skin cancers

(Reuters Health) - Most hair stylists at salons and barber shops may be interested in getting trained to detect skin cancers on the scalp, face and neck, researchers say.

Active sex life tied to long-term survival after a heart attack

(Reuters Health) - Heart attack survivors who have an active sex life are less likely than celibate counterparts to die in the decades following a first heart attack, a study in Israel suggests.

Superbugs found lurking in London underground and hospitals

Scientists have found multidrug-resistant "superbug" bacteria lurking on cash machines, escalators and handrails in London's underground rail system, shopping centers and hospitals and say they pose a potential risk to public health.

Rwanda says its border with Congo remains open

Rwanda's health minister said the border with Democratic Republic of the Congo remained open on Thursday, appearing to contradict an earlier statement that the frontier was closed near the Ebola-hit Congolese city of Goma.

Thailand set to deliver first batch of medical marijuana

Thailand plans to distribute about 10,000 bottles of cannabis oil next week for hospital patients, a government official said on Thursday, the first official use of medical marijuana since a law legalizing it came into effect this year.

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