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Hedge fund Hoplite Capital plans to shut down - letter Newsletter

Hedge fund Hoplite Capital plans to shut down - letter

Hedge fund Hoplite Capital is returning money to outside clients after a period of sluggish returns, the firm's founder, John Lykouretzos, told investors in a letter on Wednesday.

Manulife profit beats on strength in Asia unit

Canada's largest insurer insurer Manulife Financial Corp on Wednesday edged past estimates for second-quarter profit, helped by strength in Asia unit, its biggest.

Your Money: What to do if you need to sell stocks now

When stocks are volatile, conventional wisdom says to stay the course. But what if you have tuition due or a pending home purchase and you just really need to cash out?

Hedge fund investor Tarrant, who bet with Warren Buffett, dies

Investor Jeffrey Tarrant, whose firm Protege Partners backed billionaire managers including William Ackman and Marc Lasry early in their careers and made a bet with Warren Buffett that hedge funds would outperform a passive index fund, has died at age 63.

U.S. money market assets rise to highest since 2009 - iMoneyNet

U.S. money market fund assets jumped to their highest level since 2009 as investors unnerved by the rapid deterioration in trade talks between China and the United States piled into these cash-like investments, a private report showed on Wednesday.

U.S. banks limp away from hopes of interest margin expansion

Big U.S. banks are under pressure again, as policymakers around the globe have dashed any hopes that the industry might finally be able to earn more money on loans, after more than a decade of rock-bottom interest rates.

Negative U.S. bond yields may become reality: PIMCO

Investors may have to grapple with the possibility of the once-unthinkable becoming reality - negative U.S. Treasury bond yields, according to money manager Pacific Investment Management Co (PIMCO).

UBS slashes threshold for fee on euro deposits at Swiss bank

UBS Group will halve to 500,000 euros ($559,900) its threshold for charging a 0.6% deposit fee on euro accounts at its Swiss banking unit, Switzerland's largest lender said on Tuesday.

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